Pppoker Bot Now in Beta Testing

Poker bots for Pppoker are here. We just posted Holdem Bot version 9.6.0 which includes beta testing for 6-max tables on Pppoker, which can be downloaded at:


We expect to have our Omaha Bots updated soon to include this support as well, so check the download page for 9.6.0 or higher at:


Please note this is beta testing so there may be a few bugs to weed out on certain systems. Poker software settings are extremely simple; you just need English language and to set the table size at 338 X 600. The first screen you will see upon logging in is:

Pppoker login screen

Pppoker login screen

Close this window by clicking the X in the upper right, and you will come to:

Pppoker poker bot settings screen

Pppoker poker bot settings screen

Here you can set the language and screen size. That’s it. In addition, the bot should work on both the software download or the flash/web version of the tables! Keep in mind only 6-max tables are thus far supported.

We do intend to add support in our Omaha Poker Bots for 5-card Omaha at Pppoker, but that will take a little longer to get done because there are new drawing hand dynamics, such as a 24-out straight draw, which will require PPL Code updates as well.

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