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Holdem Bot version 8.4.3

Room/Network Signup Bonus Rake- back
 iPoker (Multiple Sites) $15,000 (ask)
 888 Poker $400 VIP
 Bodog / Bodog88 $1100 VIP
 WPN (3 Sites)  $3100 27%
 Ignition Casino   $1100 27%
 WSOP Poker   $500 VIP

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Our Poker Bots play all game types including Cash Games, SNG's, & MTT's

They are user-friendly and play an expert game out of the box

Easily tweak or create your own playing instructions for any poker situation

Dozens of good ready-made profiles targeting different game types available

No Limit, Fixed Limit, DON's, Speed Poker, Heads Up, everything supported

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Omaha Bots currently unavailable



PPL User Guide

Easy to learn language for

custom-coding poker bots. Most poker players take to it like a fish takes to water. No programming background needed!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Shanky Technologies


Who are you guys? Shanky Technologies is a real company, registered and licensed in a major metropolitan city on planet earth. There are two owners and we both work our tails off, around the clock, 365 days a year, supporting this business. We are not extremely forthcoming to the public about the details of our individual identities, for what should be obvious reasons.


How long have you been online?  BonusBots.com (our primary website) has been online selling gaming assistance software since the fall of 2006. This can be verified by visiting our support forum and viewing the first post on the Latest Versions thread in the Announcements section. We have a developed a stellar reputation for supporting our customers over the years.


What is your most popular product?  That would be our Holdem Bot, which we started selling in March of 2008. Since then, it has been constantly upgraded. In the spring of 2009, we started selling Generation 2 of all our products (which incorporated PPL into our poker bots).


What is PPL?  Poker Programming Language, or PPL for short, is a very simple language that we invented for custom-coding pokerbot actions which any experienced poker player should take to like a fish takes to water. It is a nice extra feature which allows the user to control 100% of the bot's actions and create customized playing profiles.


Is your software any good?  You be the judge of that. Download the free demo, read the materials that come with it, and play with it for 200 free hands. Root around in our support forum and see what our existing customers are saying before making a buying decision, if you like (you'll need to register in order to see most of it). One thing is for certain - our bot never makes a mistake and never clicks the wrong button. Truth be told, it can probably play better than you.


Do you guarantee results? No. There is no way for us to verify that your results were obtained in a responsible manner. Also, while our software will certainly give you an edge when used intelligently, this is still gambling. That said, you'd have to be the unluckiest person in the world not to be able to make some money clearing deposit bonuses or grinding rakeback using our programs.


Is your software legal to use? Our programs perform no illegal activities by themselves. Online gambling is not legal in some jurisdictions, however, so please check with your local laws. You are also responsible for interpreting the terms of service of any gaming website that you play at, and determining for yourself whether or not you are breaking them by using our software (and whether or not you care).


How does the licensing work? Each license sold is computer-specific. Our software generates a unique Computer ID number for your PC. After purchasing your license, you will be taken to a page to provide us with this number. We will reply to that email with your license and simple instructions for installing it.


What about support and upgrades? Every license we sell comes with support and free software upgrades for one year. After the first year, if you wish to continue you can renew your license at a discounted price.

   25,000+ Software Customers and Counting as of 2015  


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