Shanky Support Moved to a Discord Server

Our 15-year old forum was destroyed in a forced server migration (which was not our idea, nor were we even warned). We have decided to conduct our community support via a Discord server, in much the same manner that we did in the forum. Contact us for an invite if you would like to join.

Our complete library of profiles has been uploaded to a Sync page, which you can find a link to on a pinned post on the #all-profiles channel on the Discord server. It’s a free Sync account which only allows 20 downloads per day, which should work fine for our community on most days.

There is also a pinned post on that channel with direct links to the latest ModernMike profiles, our bundled holdem profiles (with 12 each for cash and tourneys), and our bundled profiles for PLO4-Hi and PLO5 (which now have 5 profiles each). These links are on our hosting server so should always be available.

Speaking of Modern Mike, here are a couple of recent user comments:

“Regarding Modern Mike Cash: More than 6 cash sessions of NL5 and not even one loss, but the most important thing is a very high EVBB/100. It seems that every move to date is EV+. It is the first cash profile so aggressive, and at the same time so smart in not losing too much bluffing . I have to confirm that for the moment at these NL5 tables, ModernMike is beating everyone.”

“I like Modern Mike MTT! It got me very deep in a large field event and accumulated a big stack in the middle stages.”



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