New Profile Alert: Ticketmaster (NLH Satellite Profile)

Most good poker players know that the best way to win a big prize on a small bankroll is to satellite your way into a larger event — and now the best way to use your Holdem Bot to make a big run is with our brand new satellite profile named Ticketmaster. There are three versions posted: One for 3-place payouts, one for 5 places, and one for all other structures (including full table payouts).

The first thing you need is to make sure you have downloaded the latest Holdem Poker Bot version, which you can do right now at:

Ticketmaster was developed on one of the major Suprema app unions, which run many different kinds of satellites all day long. We used Dara Okearney’s book on Poker Satellite Strategy as a guide. The results during development were, frankly, excellent, and we can’t wait for you to give it a try. Just stop into our Discord and grab it from the #all-profiles channel.

Recent customer comments include:

“I left the Holdem Bot running with ThefixerSNG loaded and went to school, and came back to a first place MTT finish.”

“The bot won 1st place out of 411 entries. I’m happy!”

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New Profile Alert: Kamakazi (NLH Cash)

We have a new cash game profile for our NLH Holdem Poker Bot named Kamakazi. It is now part of our profile library, which you can access from our Discord server on the #all-profiles channel (click on the little pin symbol to bring up the pinned messages; from there you can download the profile directly from our library).

Early testing has some of our members excited about this one. The profile is the result of piecing together different pieces of code we had developed at different times at the request of different high-usage clients. It is especially detailed for preflop and turn play. Some of the highlights include:

• Extreme detail in the preflop code when it comes to 3-betting, 4-betting, squeeze plays, dealing with limpers, relative position, and blind vs. blind battles

• Flop C-bet size of only 33% to 50% of pot

• Prolific 2nd Barrel code for the turn which considers many factors including picking up a draw that we did not have on the flop

• Some wicked psychological battle code for the river including smart value betting and random raising of a bettor after no betting on the flop

Although Kamakazi returns to the more traditional open-raise size of 3 BBs, it use Modern Mike as a backup to fill all its gaps so otherwise plays a modern game style and can battle out heads up pots with the best of them. We really think this one is worth toying with, so wish you the best of luck with it.



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Our Poker Bots Now Support Suprema Poker

We are happy to announce support for the Suprema Poker app for all our Poker Bots: NLH, PLO4, PLO5, and PLO4 Hi-Lo. Suprema is especially popular in certain South American markets (which are seriously booming) and has no country restrictions. This is an app similar to PPpoker where people can create cubs, and club owners assign chips a certain monetary value. Each of our bots has it’s own 200-hand free demo, so go grab our latest poker bot downloads today.

You need an invite to join a club, but there are many large clubs with plenty of action and agents for large clubs can be found with a simple internet search. We also now have a good agent who can refer you into some big action-packed clubs now lurking in our Discord server. Deposits and withdrawals are done through a reputable agent or a club owner. Crypto seems to be the most popular method.

What we have noticed about Suprema clubs is that they are a throwback to the good old days of online poker. What we mean is that the lower stakes games are full of loose players who overvalue their hands. At the PLO tables it is rare for anyone to find a hand they won’t play even for multiple raises. At the NLH tables they think AJ-off and KQ-off are premium hands worthy of shoving pre-flop. Tournaments are even looser, and there are some large ones with attractive prize structures daily. We think all our users are really going to like botting this platform.

Issues of Note:

This is one of those platforms that just works out of the box, with no setting adjustments required on your part as long as your PC Display is correct (especially your Display set to 100%) and language settings are English. Just don’t change anything from the default Theme Setting. All table types are supported: 6-max, 8-max, and 9-max. Table changes are followed automatically in MTTs.

Multi-tabling here is trickier, however, and only recommend for advanced users. It requires logging into multiple accounts. This is because additional tables for the same account open up within the same window, and thus shrink the table sizes too small for our bot to read the screen info. But when you log into a second account and open a table, that opens in its own separate window so our normal multi-tabling instructions can then be followed.

Beeping: Cash games on this platform will occasional require a captcha puzzle be solved. When the bot encounters one of these, it will make your PC beep at you. So if you are in the area and hear the PC beeping when the bot is playing, you need to scoot over to your PC and handle it.

Run it Multiple Times is supported, but cannot be adjusted. The bot will always offer to “Run it Twice” and always accept an opponent’s offer to run it multiple times.

Double-board games are not supported.



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Poker Bots Now Support Parions Sport Poker

We now have functioning poker bots for Parions Sport poker, the popular French iPoker site. We are happy to report that versions 12.0.5 or later of our poker bots fully support the latest Parions Sport Poker client:

NLH (Holdem) Bot
PLO4 (Omaha) Bot
PLO5 (Omaha) Bot
PLO4 Hi-Lo (Omaha) Bot

Make sure to follow the latest setup instructions in our Easy Start Guide pdf that comes in our download, which include:

* No sidebar in the poker table window. There should only be a poker table; if there is any kind of sidebar please find the button to click to make it vanish or minimize to the side. This includes “mini games” and casino game ads.

* Card style must now be Abstract (if Abstract is not available, use Classic)

* Action buttons theme Default and Table chips style Classic

* Stack size must be displayed in currency, meaning real money, not by the number of big blinds!

* Green table felt, as plain (not fancy) as possible

* If “Auto Center my seat” is an option (on the Table tab or elsewhere) enable this

* Player avatars are disabled

* Animations are all turned off

* If Player HUD is an option, make sure it is disabled!

* Display DPI on your PC is set to 100% (not 125% as some PCs come set from the factory). Right-click on an empty space on your desktop and find your Display settings (on Windows 7 it goes through ‘Personalize’)

* Windows language set to English/US, the bot cannot read French and stack size should be displayed with decimals not commas, for example a stack of exactly 10 Euros should show as 10.00 not 10,00

* English speaking version of the poker client

* Configured the betting buttons in the poker client properly, as shown in our PDF screenshots, for Pot and Max

* For 8-player tables (including tournaments using 8-Max tables) please manually adjust the Option setting on the bot as follows: Options > Max Players Allowed at Table > 8

* Not using a dual monitor, right? Or an external monitor hooked to a laptop? Or a TV screen as a monitor? (A dual monitor, if even hooked to the tower, may need to be disconnected completely.) Please note “convertible” laptop-tablets do not work, either. Unfortunately, “all in one” PCs seem to be problematic as well. We recommend a spare laptop or a traditional PC tower hooked to a standard-size monitor.

For more information and to get your 200-hand free demo visit us at

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Shanky Support Moved to a Discord Server

Our 15-year old forum was destroyed in a forced server migration (which was not our idea, nor were we even warned). We have decided to conduct our community support via a Discord server, in much the same manner that we did in the forum. Contact us for an invite if you would like to join.

Our complete library of profiles has been uploaded to a Sync page, which you can find a link to on a pinned post on the #all-profiles channel on the Discord server. It’s a free Sync account which only allows 20 downloads per day, which should work fine for our community on most days.

There is also a pinned post on that channel with direct links to the latest ModernMike profiles, our bundled holdem profiles (with 12 each for cash and tourneys), and our bundled profiles for PLO4-Hi and PLO5 (which now have 5 profiles each). These links are on our hosting server so should always be available.

Speaking of Modern Mike, here are a couple of recent user comments:

“Regarding Modern Mike Cash: More than 6 cash sessions of NL5 and not even one loss, but the most important thing is a very high EVBB/100. It seems that every move to date is EV+. It is the first cash profile so aggressive, and at the same time so smart in not losing too much bluffing . I have to confirm that for the moment at these NL5 tables, ModernMike is beating everyone.”

“I like Modern Mike MTT! It got me very deep in a large field event and accumulated a big stack in the middle stages.”



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