Press Release: Poker Bots in Online Poker

New Online Poker Bot Sales are Strong

Shanky Technologies is reporting very strong initial sales for their new “Hold’em Bot” program, which is a piece of software that plays online poker automatically for the user. The release of this product is expected to greatly increase the number of pokerbots playing in online poker games, a trend that is likely to continue in the near future.

Montreal, Quebec – April 4th 2008

Shanky Technologies, an 18-month old software company that specializes in online gaming assistance applications, released a Texas Holdem Poker Bot in late February which supports several large online poker rooms. The Canadian company sells gaming bots from their website

Apparently there is a significant demand for player-assisted software programs from customers of online casinos and poker rooms. “Our customers are a mixed lot,” says managing director Brian Jetter of Carmel, Indiana. “We prefer to sell to smart gamblers who know what they are doing, as these are low-maintenance clients. But inevitably another type always finds us, a less educated class of gambler who is hoping to find a magic money printing machine. This type of takes up a lot of our time and is usually somewhat disappointed in the end.”

Jetter goes on to explain that gaming-assistance software is simply a tool and still requires skillful application by the user in order to be effective. “Our poker bots play extremely well, but you do need to find a profitable game environment to put them in. A lot of our customers are good players themselves who just use the program to hold their place in juicy games while they eat dinner, or play out their customer reward points in freeroll tournaments.”

The question of whether or not a computer program can beat good poker players has been hotly debated among poker professionals in recent years. Poker is a game of incomplete information and psychology, making the programming more challenging than creating chess computers. Early feedback on the support forum would indicate that progress is being made however, as some customers have reported winning large online tournaments with the Shanky bot completely unassisted.

The type of software that Shanky Technologies sells in somewhat controversial. Besides the moral and legal questions surrounding online gambling in general, their software is not usually welcome at the online casinos or poker rooms that are supported by it. That creates an additional element of risk for the user. From all outward appearances, it seems to be one that they are willing to take. “The initial rollout was very strong, and sales remain brisk,” reports Jetter. At this pace it may not be long before many online poker games become bot wars.

About Shanky Technologies

Shanky Technologies has been selling online gaming assistance software since fall of 2006. their current lineup of products include two poker bots and a Blackjack Bot program that is used for clearing deposit bonuses at online casinos.

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