New Poker Bot Profiles in versions 9.5.6

New versions of all our poker bots have been posted which include freshly updated profiles and improved performance features. You can download version 9.5.6 of our Holdem and Omaha Bots at:

We continue to get outstanding customer feedback on the current generation of Shanky Poker Bot software. Recent comments include:

“I entered the bot in a $10 + $1 tournament. I’m currently past the bubble and 2nd in chip rank in the whole event! I have to say that this bot is a keeper!”

“I’ve just recently started to play online poker again and I’ve been reacquainted with your bot program. It’s marvelous to say the least!”

“Your bot started winning for me the day I got it. Very nice product!”

Regarding the new profiles: The most radical changes have been to our Omaha-Hi Bot, especially the cash game profiles. These needed to loosen up for today’s games and adjust better to overly -aggressive villains. We are also including a new Heads Up version in the download. It can be used in full ring games, since the random bluffing codelines only trigger when starting the hand heads up before the flop.

This image shows results from testing the new Head Up profile at a short-handed PL10 6-max table (as these tend to be, with opponents coming and going a lot for brief spells). We quadrupled up after buying in for a half-stack! Not too shabby…

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