New Profile Alert: Kamakazi (NLH Cash)

We have a new cash game profile for our NLH Holdem Poker Bot named Kamakazi. It is now part of our profile library, which you can access from our Discord server on the #all-profiles channel (click on the little pin symbol to bring up the pinned messages; from there you can download the profile directly from our library).

Early testing has some of our members excited about this one. The profile is the result of piecing together different pieces of code we had developed at different times at the request of different high-usage clients. It is especially detailed for preflop and turn play. Some of the highlights include:

• Extreme detail in the preflop code when it comes to 3-betting, 4-betting, squeeze plays, dealing with limpers, relative position, and blind vs. blind battles

• Flop C-bet size of only 33% to 50% of pot

• Prolific 2nd Barrel code for the turn which considers many factors including picking up a draw that we did not have on the flop

• Some wicked psychological battle code for the river including smart value betting and random raising of a bettor after no betting on the flop

Although Kamakazi returns to the more traditional open-raise size of 3 BBs, it use Modern Mike as a backup to fill all its gaps so otherwise plays a modern game style and can battle out heads up pots with the best of them. We really think this one is worth toying with, so wish you the best of luck with it.



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