Yes we have UPoker Poker Bots

We now have fully working poker bots for UPoker for both NLH and PLO4. The latest update of our poker bot software to version 10.8.1 re-supports UPoker at 6-Max, 8-max, and 9-Max tables for both Windows 7 and Windows 10. It has been tested in all different environments and the bugs are now weeded out. It’s time to bot UPoker!

Download Holdem Bot 10.8.1 with UPoker support at:

Download PLO4 Omaha Bots version 10.8.1 with UPoker support at:

Setup for UPoker is extremely easy: English language, 2-color deck, and make sure your Windows Display DPI (Display setting) is on 100%. That’s it. The bot will resize the window correctly to where it needs it.

Our best cash profile is now set to auto-load in our PLO4 Omaha-Hi bot so all you have to do is open it and press start. If you are playing at any fishy UPoker clubs, give it a whirl!

Multi-tabling can only be done if you can make the additional tables appear on the screen at the same time. We hear this might be possible to do using different accounts, like back in before PPpoker allowed simultaneous multi-tabling. See the multi-tabling instructions in the back of our Easy Start Guide PDF instructions for opening additional bot windows to attach to additional tables.

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Poker Bots for Red Star Poker

Our Holdem Bot and both our Omaha Bots (PLO and Omaha Hi-Lo) now work on  Red Star Poker. Red Star recently moved to the iPoker network, which means the bots should have automatically worked there, but this site has slightly different-looking betting buttons so we had to program support for it individually.

That work is now done and our Russian customers are reporting good functionality and good results. You can download version 10.5.9 of our bots right now at:

Holdem Bot Download Page:

Omaha Bots Download Page:

All three bots come with a 200-hand free demo.

The usual iPoker setup instructions apply, which in a nutshell are: Windows language set to English/US, poker client language set to English, green table felt, 2-color deck, “Auto Center My Seat” on the table tab is set, stack sizes display in currency (not number of big blinds), betting buttons set for Pot and Max, Ads on table for casino games collapsed, and Windows Display DPI set to 100%.

PPpoker is also working great for our bot right now if you get the setup dialed in correctly. It can be tricky here, especially if English is not your strong language, so we have been helping some of our customers set it up by Teamviewer. Once it is done it is a beautiful thing and the bot can 5-table there as efficiently as it can 2-table if your system specs are decent, even on laptop screens.

We are working on fixing UPoker for their software change and so far have 6-max tables working for Windows 7. We hope to have the rest of the support work done within the week.

That’s it for now. If you need a license, there’s a link on the bot menu for purchasing one, or else feel free to reply to this email if you need special purchasing instructions for Bitcoin, Skrill, or Western Union (which you can quickly send with a credit card online now). Have fun at Red Star and we’ll see you or your bot at the final table soon.


Shanky Technologies Team


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PLO Poker Bots for UPoker and PPpoker

Our Omaha-Hi PLO poker bot now supports PPpoker and UPoker for PLO4 tables. The bot comes with several good profiles including an MTT profile which manages its stack well in tournaments. But the real action in this game on these app platforms is on cash tables, and for those we recommend the “headsupcash” profile that comes in the bot, as it plays a looser and more aggressive short-handed game. Use this profile for any cash table, even a full 9-max table should you find yourself at one. Although the profile is somewhat loose-aggressive, it is still far tighter than 90% of your opponents who are raising and playing every hand at most of these clubs, even garbage like K843 with the 8 suited. This is why you will beat them.

A word of warning here: We also sell an Omaha Hi-Lo bot for the poker sites we support (iPoker, Ignition / Bovada, etc.) and recommend you not download it if you are just wanting the Omaha-Hi PLO bot for the apps UPoker & PPpoker. The reason being that we have had some customers get confused and actually load the Hi-Lo profiles into the PLO bot, which, of course, results in disaster. The apps don’t offer Omaha Hi-Lo, so there is no reason to download the bot if you are only playing UPoker or PPpoker and only potential downside from it. Just download the Omaha-Hi bot.

The next issue to address is that of PLO5 and PLO6.  Our Omaha Bot can only currently play PLO4. We understand that there is tremendous action at these new game types, so we are thinking about how to add support for them. It may be a simple matter of adding the higher “straight draw out” possibilities into the bot after training it to see all the hole cards. Then, of course, we need to tweak the profiles to optimally play huge straight draw wraps and figure out what to do with middle set when two opponents are raising and squeezing us all-in on a board of JT5 with two suits we don’t own. But we will work all that out in the near future.

For now, please enjoy PLO4 with our Omaha-Hi bot. The action in many clubs is currently good at these tables as well. You can download our latest Omaha bots right now, here:

We are now keeping up support of our Omaha Bots along with our Holdem Bots, so that every time we post a Holdem Bot update we also post a corresponding Omaha Bot update that includes the same patches. You can follow the update announcements along with the change logs on our forum thread at:,12.440.html



Shanky Technologies

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Online Gaming During and After COVID-19

Our business saw a significant pick-up during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. A whole lot of people who enjoy poker found themselves at home and online, with nothing to do. That is a formula for an online business boom. Just ask Amazon. With the casinos and poker rooms shut down, online poker tables quickly filled up.

Poker isn’t the only form of online gaming that is seeing a surge. A friend of ours runs an online casino referral site at and also reports that business is good. Yep, good old fashion casino gambling. The Las Vegas Strip is deader than a doornail right now, so maybe this is where everyone went.

The question is, will this trend continue or will it taper off as the pandemic eases and the world economies return to normal? It is a difficult question to answer because we don’t really know if normal is a thing that will ever again match pre-pandemic conditions. There is a lot of talk of a new normal. Many companies learned that most jobs can actually be performed from home. And some of those unmonitored employees like to mix in a little online recreation in their work day. Heck, why not?

Therefore it is our prediction that the COVID-19 crisis will have lasting positive effects on the world of online gaming. We think poker action will stay good for years into the foreseeable future. It is a good time to own an online casino or poker club (especially since you can now open a poker club on an app platform like PPpoker, UPoker, and Poker Bros). It is also a good time to be a strong online poker player who is working a +EV strategy.

With this in mind, we here at Shanky aim to maintain good support for our poker bot software. And we think these aforementioned apps may represent the future of online poker. They are unquestionably where the softest action can be found. You just need reputable clubs and agents. We are working on recruiting those into our forum as well. If you have not been active lately, it’s time to make a deposit and find your game – and while you are at it, update your poker bot.

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Our Bots as Internal House Poker Bots for Poker Site Owners

If you own your own poker site software and are looking to implement house bots for Holdem and/or Omaha, we have great news: you can now incorporate the best online poker bot ever developed (and sold continuously for 14 years) into your poker room.

Bots are important when launching and building a poker site for action and liquidity purposes. Your players deserve action. Bots can make sure they always get it. Our poker bots come with a variety of playing styles, so you can configure the personality of an entire table if you like. Some of our profiles play very solid. Others can play wild and create a fun table atmosphere.

We have turned away a lot of private support job requests recently because we didn’t have the time, and also because the logistics of poker site owners having to create a hardware network in order to use our product (the way our retail customers do) was an undesirable aspect. But we have now developed a way for our poker bot technology to function internally with your online poker site software.

Here’s how it works. You will need the ability to create a JSON which will provide the current table state for your bot player to react to. We will provide a DLL which will interact with the info from your JSON and provide the action to take based on which playing profile you assign our DLL to use. You can put as many as you want on the same table on as many tables as you like. You will then simply cause the returned action from our DLL to be taken for that player (a simple task for your programmer).

Our developer with work with yours to get it working for your site — which won’t take long, because we have already created the DLL (and other sites are in fact already running it). The DLL is licensed and will work for one year before needing to be renewed. Maybe by then you’ll have enough traffic not to need to renew it.

Price for the setup and first year is $7500 for Holdem or $12000 for both Holdem and Omaha (includes both Omaha-Hi and Omaha Hi-Lo).

Annual renewals are $5000 for Holdem or $8000 for Holdem and Omaha, if desired.

Custom profile packages are available as well. Contact us if interested.

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