Poker Bot Private Support Work (bots for your site)

To answer a common inquiry, we do take on private support work for poker site owners on occasion. What we do is make our existing product work at your site. It is not an internal back-end kind of thing. So you will need multiple PC’s and/or VMs in order to run the bots. Each bot instance plays one PC/VM up to 6 tables. Our private support jobs include an unlimited number of licenses.

Contract Details

The first thing we need is access to an account with funds in it to simply determine whether or not the support work can even be done. Keep in mind our software is Windows-only and we have not yet done any work using mobile OS emulators. We prefer a downloadable poker client for Windows as opposed to something web/flash based.

If we decide to take the job, the price is $18,000 USD payable in three installments of $6,000. The first installment is to be paid before we do any actual programming work.

We will produce a working product before the second installment is due, and issue a handful of licenses for testing. After we identify the bugs and refinements still needed, the second installment is to be paid. We will dole out more licenses as needed during this phase as multiple new versions are tested.

The third installment is payable after all the bugs are fixed and the product is working satisfactory. Please note that subsequent software updates which affect the bot constitute additional work which is not part of the initial support job contract – but those can usually be completed quickly, and we won’t charge much for maintaining support as long as the needed fixes remain minor.

The typical job is completed in 2-3 months time. If you are still interested in a private support job please contact us.

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Holdem Bot Update Autumn 2019

Holdem Bot version 9.9.6 is the latest version. It is working great, and has had been fully fixed for the new WPN software at Americas Cardroom, Black Chip, and Poker King. You can download the lastest version right now, here:

The bot has also been performing steady at PPpoker for over a month now, and our Omaha bot has been here as well. There are a few tricks you need to use on this platform, but once they are dialed in you are good. Be sure to read the user manual and/or our forum threads for the setup!

Check out these recent customer reports:

“Up 21 SNG buy-ins this week using the newly updated thelucky1 profile”

 “I am loving your product! It is doing great for me.”

“Up $150 this week using the bot in micro-tourneys at Ignition.”

Tournaments are a popular usage for our software. Why play six hours when the bot can shoulder the bulk of the workload, and even finish the thing for you in style at the final table? This screenshot was sent to us from a very happy customer who entered the bot in the $25,000 GTD at Bovada and took down 1st place for a $2400+ payday:

Current Site Support:

iPoker support: All iPoker sites in all countries are now supported. And that’s a lot of sites!

Ignition, Bodog & Bovada are fully supported and currently working great.

The WPN Network (Americas Cardroom, Poker King, Black Chip, True Poker) are now re-supported for all game types and all tables on their latest software. Game on, baby.

888 Poker is working again! You need to use the “previous table” style, see the screenshot of the setting to adjust in the latest user manual.

France: The bot currently works at in both the French and English language, but should also work on any other iPoker site there now

Italy:,,, and all now work in both the Italian and English languages, plus the bot should work at all other iPoker sites here now as well as 888.

Spain:, and are now all working in Spain, plus the bot should work at all other iPoker sites here now as well as 888.

BetOnline and are both still supported.

PPPoker is now fully-supported for our Holdem and Omaha Poker Bots (4-card Omaha only for now), for 6-max and 9-max tables including tournaments. There are a few tricks required to use the bot here so be sure to read the updated user manual!

That’s it for now. If you need a license, there’s a link on the bot menu for purchasing one, or else contact us if you need special purchasing instructions for Bitcoin, Skrill, or Western Union (which you can quickly send with a credit card online now). Have fun at the tables and we’ll see you or your bot at the final table soon.


Shanky Technologies Team

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Holdem Bot 9.6.8 Re-Supports Ignition, Bovada, and Bodog

We are happy to announce full re-support for Ignition, Bovada, and Bodog on their new software platform. Please note there are now different settings requirements than before. You can download Holdem Bot 9.6.8 which includes updated user manuals (with the new option settings screenshots) here:

All table types are now working again here, including MTTs and Zone Poker. We are happy to be back in business on this platform and things are looking good.

The most important new setting is on the Game Play Settings tab under Seating; we now need to use preferred seat views for every table type. Check the bottom middle seat for all types and make sure Do Not Use Preferred Seating is unchecked!

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Pppoker Bot Now in Beta Testing

Poker bots for Pppoker are here. We just posted Holdem Bot version 9.6.0 which includes beta testing for 6-max tables on Pppoker, which can be downloaded at:

We expect to have our Omaha Bots updated soon to include this support as well, so check the download page for 9.6.0 or higher at:

Please note this is beta testing so there may be a few bugs to weed out on certain systems. Poker software settings are extremely simple; you just need English language and to set the table size at 338 X 600. The first screen you will see upon logging in is:

Pppoker login screen

Pppoker login screen

Close this window by clicking the X in the upper right, and you will come to:

Pppoker poker bot settings screen

Pppoker poker bot settings screen

Here you can set the language and screen size. That’s it. In addition, the bot should work on both the software download or the flash/web version of the tables! Keep in mind only 6-max tables are thus far supported.

We do intend to add support in our Omaha Poker Bots for 5-card Omaha at Pppoker, but that will take a little longer to get done because there are new drawing hand dynamics, such as a 24-out straight draw, which will require PPL Code updates as well.

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New Poker Bot Profiles in versions 9.5.6

New versions of all our poker bots have been posted which include freshly updated profiles and improved performance features. You can download version 9.5.6 of our Holdem and Omaha Bots at:

We continue to get outstanding customer feedback on the current generation of Shanky Poker Bot software. Recent comments include:

“I entered the bot in a $10 + $1 tournament. I’m currently past the bubble and 2nd in chip rank in the whole event! I have to say that this bot is a keeper!”

“I’ve just recently started to play online poker again and I’ve been reacquainted with your bot program. It’s marvelous to say the least!”

“Your bot started winning for me the day I got it. Very nice product!”

Regarding the new profiles: The most radical changes have been to our Omaha-Hi Bot, especially the cash game profiles. These needed to loosen up for today’s games and adjust better to overly -aggressive villains. We are also including a new Heads Up version in the download. It can be used in full ring games, since the random bluffing codelines only trigger when starting the hand heads up before the flop.

This image shows results from testing the new Head Up profile at a short-handed PL10 6-max table (as these tend to be, with opponents coming and going a lot for brief spells). We quadrupled up after buying in for a half-stack! Not too shabby…

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