Outlook for Online Poker (and Poker Bots) 2023

Someone once said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” When it comes to technology and gaming, perhaps we can best apply this proverb by understanding that trends in technology development will never change the fundamental fact that human beings love playing gambling games, always have, and likely always will. This is true whether it is accomplished inside a brick and mortar building, a touch-screen while in a hot tub, or in a virtual world accessed by a VR-headset. With that in mind, here are our thoughts on the current state of online poker and the role of our favorite user-aide software, the poker bot.

First off, there are new voracious burgeoning markets for online poker in geographical locales where the bulk of the populations have, for the most part, been denied this pleasure in times past. I’m talking about places like South America, Turkey, Pakistan, and, believe it or not, Iran. This surprising development is being accomplished via the latest trend of poker club apps, in which the app provider is not involved in the poker club business and instead only maintaining the platform, on which anyone can start a club to run. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies is largely responsible for the boom of real money online poker games becoming possible in many of these emerging markets.

And there are a heck of a lot of these apps out there now! You wouldn’t believe how many emails we get from people telling us “such and such” is the next big poker club app that we need to add support for. The only such app we currently universally support is PPpoker, which has become an important platform for us. We have done several private support jobs for Enterra/Evenbet clubs and, although each one is different and requires individual support work, we pretty much have these down (so if you are starting your own Enterra / Evenbet club and seek poker bot support please contact us for a quote). But as far as listening to pleas for adding support for “the hot new app,” we kind of learned our lesson on that with UPoker. Supporting a new app is a lot of work for us. By the time we got UPoker supported, it was no longer the hot new thing. It had, in fact, been abandoned for the latest shiny new app. Consequently, we are currently in wait mode on this to see if a dominant player (such as ClubGG) is going to actually capture a large market share.

Meanwhile, if you really want us to support a club app that you are playing on, here is an idea you can pursue: Find a dozen friends who also want support, and collaborate with them so you can guarantee to collectively purchase 25+ licenses from us once support is complete — and we just might be able to work something out, given such an incentive.

We are still open for business for new private support jobs, but are only interested in working with serious businessmen who want the best poker bot solution for their site or club. We just don’t have time to waste negotiating with penny-pinching peons who back out of the deal. Trust us, going with a cheaper open-source based solution is not the best long-run financial decision for your new business. Be smart when it comes to this, and invest in a quality house bot solution. It is a decision you will be very happy you made a short ways down the road. We can give you a complete suite of NLH, PLO4, PLO4 Hi-Lo, and PLO5 bots with multiple playing profiles for each to kick-start the traffic on your tables and provide lasting liquidity. In fact, we can tweak as many different profiles as you like to have a wide variety of playing styles automated on your tables.

Our retail customers can rest assured that we will continue to maintain support for our core group of sites and platforms, just as we have for 15 years now. (Wow, even we are somewhat amazed.) Our current tried-and-true support list is one which has demonstrated that it deserves to remain our core list, so you can go ahead and get settled in somewhere on it to enjoy poker botting there for the foreseeable future.

By the way, the testimonials we include in our regular email updates are always genuine and always unsolicited. We are an honest Christian-principled business (believe it or not) so ethical business practices are of paramount importance to us. That means we don’t lie, scam, or use any kind of deceptive or dishonest tactics, come of it what may. If that kind of thing is something you value, then Shanky should be your poker bot software provider.

And with that, we wish you a very prosperous new year. May your draws complete and your flopped hands hold up under every circumstance for both you and your bot in 2023. Happy botting.

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