Our Bots as Internal House Poker Bots for Poker Site Owners

If you own your own poker site software and are looking to implement house bots for Holdem and/or Omaha, we have great news: you can now incorporate the best online poker bot ever developed (and sold continuously for 14 years) into your poker room.

Bots are important when launching and building a poker site for action and liquidity purposes. Your players deserve action. Bots can make sure they always get it. Our poker bots come with a variety of playing styles, so you can configure the personality of an entire table if you like. Some of our profiles play very solid. Others can play wild and create a fun table atmosphere.

We have turned away a lot of private support job requests recently because we didn’t have the time, and also because the logistics of poker site owners having to create a hardware network in order to use our product (the way our retail customers do) was an undesirable aspect. But we have now developed a way for our poker bot technology to function internally with your online poker site software.

Here’s how it works. You will need the ability to create a JSON which will provide the current table state for your bot player to react to. We will provide a DLL which will interact with the info from your JSON and provide the action to take based on which playing profile you assign our DLL to use. You can put as many as you want on the same table on as many tables as you like. You will then simply cause the returned action from our DLL to be taken for that player (a simple task for your programmer).

Our developer with work with yours to get it working for your site — which won’t take long, because we have already created the DLL (and other sites are in fact already running it). The DLL is licensed and will work for one year before needing to be renewed. Maybe by then you’ll have enough traffic not to need to renew it.

Price for the setup and first year is $7500 for Holdem or $12000 for both Holdem and Omaha (includes both Omaha-Hi and Omaha Hi-Lo).

Annual renewals are $5000 for Holdem or $8000 for Holdem and Omaha, if desired.

Custom profile packages are available as well. Contact us if interested.

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