Holdem Poker Bot version 2.0.1 Released

We just posted it. This is a major upgrade. Here are the details in order of importance.

New Aggressive Tournament Setting

This is a user-controlled bet max setting. There are two sections, a preflop side and post-flop side. The preflop side has 6 hand-lists to choose from.

The post-flop side turns on post-flop shoving when conditions defined by us have been met. The minimum hand is top pair on non-scary boards and gets higher for scarier board states.

This setting works in cash games or tournaments but is overridden if you have Fold or All In invoked. Please note that this setting is the only way you can get all-in preflop with small and medium pocket pairs now (other than the Fold or All In options).

Multi-tabling up to 3 Tables Now Supported at Some Rooms

Full Tilt 3-tabling is possible for everyone regardless of screen size. The exception is if you have an older or overloaded machine that surges in CPU usage when using the new bot at Full Tilt – in which case see the new OCR option below.

Ultimate Bet 3-tabling is possible for those who have large screens or dual-monitor setup. (The chat window and hole cards cannot be obstructed.) The exception is if you just want to push or shove preflop, then the tables can overlap.

Crypto multi-tabling is not yet supported. However you can play one at crypto and two at Full Tilt simultaneously (and/or Ultimate Bet with a large screen).

Muti-tabling between different poker rooms is supported as well. You can multi-table tournaments and also multi-table different game types at the same time (Limit, No Limit, SNG’s, cash, MTT’s).

MTT table changing issues have all been fixed. You do not need to enter the new table number or anything in like you do with multi-tabling cash games now. The old Close Old Poker Window option setting is gone as it is no longer needed.

• Opening multiple instances of the bot no longer allowed – if you try that you will only call up the existing windows to the front.

New Use OCR at Full Tilt option for the few people who are using older and/or overloaded computers that cannot handle running the new bot at Full Tilt, resulting in a CPU surge to 100%. If you experience this or have crashing issues at Full Tilt you should use this option which goes back to the old way of reading cards. You cannot multi-table with this option checked however.

• Sitout option will not work in tournaments now

• More reliable technology for recognizing buttons. All table reading errors should be non-existent now.

I highly recommend reading the updated instructions carefully. The Strategy Guide .pdf file has also been updated with additional information about the new features.

You can download the new version here:


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