Holdem Bot version 1.6.1 Posted

This version is a quick fix for some of the bugs discovered in 1.6.0 which is using a new information-reading technology. We didn’t get everything on our plate programmed in quite yet, but wanted to get this out so everyone can get back to playing MTT’s and clearing their bonus without having any crashing problems.

• Full Tilt sitout function bug should be fixed

• Bet/raise size recognition bug for bets and raises $1,000+ (that include a comma) is fixed

• Crashing issues should be fixed

• MTT table changing bug is fixed

• Max bet size to fold good (but not great) hands for raised

• Adjustments to preflop pocket pair play implemented

We are still working on the new aggressive tournament setting and catching up with the last Interpoker software upgrade. In the meantime you can download version 1.6.1 (which is a critical upgrade) here:


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