Poker Bot Upgrades Announcement

Greetings Poker Botters,

Yesterday Full Tilt upgraded their software causing the new multi-table function for our very popular Holdem Bot to break.

Today we posted the fix. Those of you who know us and have been hanging around our forum for the last two years know that this is how we roll at Shanky Technologies.

Holdem Bot version 2.0.2 is available to download now and fully supports multi-tabling up to 3 tables at Full Tilt again, in addition to:

Multi-tabling at the Cryptologic casinos now, any size monitor will do

Various other bugs fixed including some Ultimate Bet issues

As always, all existing customers get the upgrade for free. You can download it here:

We also just posted our Omaha/8 Poker Bot upgrade which adds the same multi-tabling feature to this bot and fixes the Full Tilt upgrade as well. You can download version 2.3.4 here:

Because of these issues we will hold the prices on both these products steady for a few more days before implementing the pending $30 price increase for both of them.


 Shanky Technologies Team

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