Bitcoin for Online Poker – and Poker Bots!

Shanky Technologies now accepts Bitcoin in payment for our all three of our Poker Bot licenses. This is a direct payment through Coinbase, so if you have a Coinbase account you can pay from your balance if you like.

More and more online poker rooms are accepting Bitcoin deposits as well. Among those that our Holdem Bot currently supports are the four Winning Poker Network rooms (America’s Cardroom, Blackchip Poker, 5 Dimes Shark Tank, and True Poker), and BetOnline Poker, which our Holdem Bot is currently in beta testing for. In addition, Neteller recently began accepting Bitcoin deposits – which pretty much means you can now use Bitcoin for online poker at any poker site you choose, if you live in a country that Neteller services.

The Bitcoin enthusiast community is an interesting group of people. They seem to be rebels at heart, seeking to live and conduct their personal business freely, outside the oppressive constraints of government scrutiny over every personal financial transaction. Well, who can blame them? Online poker is a good fit for this crowd, as cash moves back and forth across the felt free from outside interference. Bitcoin is essentially online cash, so its presence should only help the online poker industry which has been so negatively affected by unjustifiable government harassment in so many international venues. We feel this is a step back in the right direction. Poker players should be able to play where they want when they want, globally. We all desperately wish to see a return to those days.

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New Holdem Bot Profile Available

Greetings Poker Sharks,

We just posted a new free profile in the support forum. This one is called 6-Pack. It’s loose-aggressive, designed for 6-max cash games. Here’s what Egor says about it:

“This one generally plays the way I do personally. Plenty of loose open-raising, and lots of random raising of one opponent on the flop — including some check-raising from first-position when we were the pre-flop aggressor. Some random pushing on the flop with good hands, or certain draws, after an opponent bets or raises. Also attempts to steal pots on the Turn when a pair flopped (mimicking slow-played trips). Makes a fair amount of random river-steal attempts when there was no betting on the Turn and we have no showdown value.”

Feedback has been good so far. One thing is for sure, the 6-pack is fun to watch — as it really mixes it up with strong post-flop heads up play. You can access it by logging into the forum and going to the Working Profiles board. Look for the new thread titled Egor’s 6-Pack Profile.

By the way, if you are not yet a member please understand there is much more to our forum that you cannot see until you log in. Lots of profiles, help with customizing the plays, and discussions about results and strategies. Right now we’re talking about bluffing more aggressively when you flop a backdoor straight possibility, and working on new code-lines for the bot to make these kinds of plays. So do log in and read around if you haven’t stopped by lately. Here are some recent comments:

“Just wanted to let you know the ‘Tournament Alpha’ profile won first out of 137. Played excellent heads up even with a short stack.”

“I use Webbers profile and I won a 1 euro entry tourney which paid 200 euro. Since then using Webbers profile in MTT’s  I am up another 200 dollars.”

“I’m new to this but seeing success. Tried the Lion profile at 10-player SNG’s.  So far I have played 8 and had 1 first place, 1 second place and two 3rd places …also I just hit 1st place on a satellite tournament to a $50,000 GTD that takes place at 7pm tonight. All these were completely unassisted with just the bot playing.”

And here’s a chart someone posted showing their MTT results:

In case you can’t read that, they are up right around $1,000 so far. Let me tell you, once you start using a bot to play MTT’s you won’t want to play them any other way. Why sit and grind it out for five hours? Let the bot do the heavy lifting and then you come in fresh after it’s in the money and finish it off — or, as many of our customers do, you might decide to let the bot finish it. Our tournament profiles have taken may first place finishes unassisted.

You can download the latest version of the Holdem Bot (version 7.6.2) here:

That’s it for now. If you need a license, there’s a link to purchase one on the bot itself. Have fun with the 6-pack and we’ll see you or your bot at the cashier cage.


Shanky Technologies Team

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WSOP Poker Now Supported for Holdem Bot

We’re happy to announce support for WSOP Poker. Our Holdem Bot is now fully functional on the Nevada, New Jersey, and UK poker sites for WSOP. The bot is also fully working on the New Jersey 888 site. You can download version 7.5.6 of the Holdem Bot with WSOP support here:

As always, all existing license holders get the upgrade for free. Your current license will work with the new version of the bot. WSOP is an 888-powered poker client so see the 888 section of the latest Holdem Bot User Manual for proper setup instructions. The bot will work in all game types including play money, cash games, SNG’s, speed tables, and of course MTT’s.

Speaking of tournaments, here’s what two of our recent customers reported using the bot to play them:

“I had a free $50 tournament ticket for a first time deposit and decided to use it before it expired. I used the Doodle-MTT profile and finished in fourth place totally unassisted for a cash of around $600.”

“I’m new to this but found the free Lion profile to rock for me, my bankroll is going up very nicely just playing ‘on tap’ tournaments.”

And here’s what a new customer said about his experience playing cash games with the bot:

“Playing only 1 and 2 cent blinds and usually just 3 tables at a time and maybe for only 2-4 hours per day the bot is up over $100. I recently made a $25 deposit and am now at $150.”

Finally, this graph of results was posted in our forum just a couple weeks ago by a new member who is playing only low buy-in MTT’s :

Up $1,000 on less than 200 events – now that’s the way to build a bankroll. Way to go.

The bot plays all game types including DON’s and heads up tables. There are profiles inside our support forum targeting just about everything, and you can easily tweak them any way you like for as many (or few) plays as you care to alter. We now support over 25 poker sites including Italian, French, Spanish, Danish, Belgian, USA, Russian, and Chinese-friendly poker rooms. At least one of our USA-friendly rooms takes players from all 50 states. Whatever type of online holdem you’re into, and wherever you happen to live, we’ve got you covered. Our software can be a valuable tool in your poker arsenal, as you can see by the above unsolicited customer feedback.

That’s it for now. If you need a license, there’s a link to purchase one on the bot itself. Have fun at WSOP and we’ll see you or your bot at the final table.


Shanky Technologies Team

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New Holdem Bot Poker Site Supported

We just added support for Ladbrokes Poker to our Holdem Bot software. Why another iPoker room? Because they have an EU license (no taxes on winnings) and, let’s face it, Ladbrokes is one of the biggest names in gaming. You can download Holdem Bot version 7.3.2 with full support for Ladbrokes here:

The new version of the bot also comes with Doodle 104 as the default profile. That means it’s now been improved 104 times, always with the help of our forum members posting hand histories along with suggestions for refinement. Those are rare these days, because this profile has become so strong it’s hard to find spots for further improvement. The Doodle is a true community project that plays extremely solid tight-aggressive poker and is best used at full-ring NL tables (9 or 10 max). Here’s a new chart someone posted of just 11,000 hands played:

Basically break-even so far. What good is a break-even cash game profile? Lots! Rakeback, bonus-clearing, and earning credits for freeroll tournaments, just for starters.

Speaking of tournaments, we have more than a few MTT botters reporting good results with the many different profiles available. This graph was posted by someone using the ‘webmtt’ profile in tiny, $1 buy-in events:
The results are probably too small for you to see on this reduced-size image, but it’s up around $300 so far. That isn’t too shabby for $1 buy-ins! Of course, we also have many success stories of using the bot in higher stakes tournaments, including some final-table scores reported with prizes won that were in the thousands.

Please note: When you upgrade from an earlier version of the bot to 7.3.1 or higher you will need to email us to request a replacement license. This is because we have changed the licensing scheme. Don’t worry; it’s a one-time thing so the replacement license will work with all subsequent bot upgrades. Just reply to this email with the Computer ID number the bot gives you and we’ll send the new license back, plus we will add 1 month extra to your license term for your trouble.

That’s it for now. If you need to buy a license, there’s a link for that on the bot itself. Have fun at Ladbrokes and we’ll see you (or your bot) at a final table soon.


Shanky Technologies Team

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Our Poker Bots for Sale

We currently offer three different poker bots that are for sale on our main web page. Each has a 200-hand free demo. The most popular is our Holdem Bot, which currently supports more than twenty poker rooms (across five different networks). We have been selling this particular generation of software since March of 2009. We have been selling poker bots online, however, since 2006 when we first published our website (although, back then, our primary product was a Blackjack Bot used for cashing casino deposit bonuses, but we also sold an Omaha Hi-Lo bot for Paradise Poker on the side).

Things have certainly changed since then. We have seen the political environment in the United States, what used to be our primary market, go through radical changes. While there is still no federal law in the U.S. specifically prohibiting online gambling, many individual states do have such laws, and the ambiguity of the situation has driven most of the larger operators out of the country. We ourselves now sell our software primarily to European-based customers.

Not that Europe is a stable political environment either. Individual countries have also enacted online-gambling related laws which have segregated the poker player pool bases to stay with those countries. Examples would be France, Italy, and Spain. This has been difficult to keep up with, but, thanks to iPoker mostly, our software does currently work at several poker sites in Italy and France, and one in Spain. Other countries simply have licensing regulations. Danish and Belgian players are victims of these schemes, but, thanks again to iPoker, we have those players covered now as well. And we do still support one solid USA-friendly network, that of Winning Poker Network, with America’s Cardroom, Blackchip Poker, and 5 Dimes poker (which accepts players from all 50 states).

What makes our current generation poker bot software unique is the user’s ability to fully customize it with a reasonable degree of ease. What this means is you can make it play any way you want for any poker situation. All you have to do is describe the situation and then tell the bot how to act in it. This is accomplished using something called PPL, which stands for Poker Programming Language. It is quite intuitive and simple to use, not like any other programming language at all. Most poker players pick it up very quickly. Moreover, because our software comes pre-loaded with a strong playing profile already, all you need to do is “tweak” the plays you see fit to. For example, suppose you decide you never want to slow-play a set on the flop in first position against two or more opponents (which the default profile will sometimes do). You can make sure that never happens by writing one simple command, as follows:


When haveset and position = first and opponents >= 2 bet 75% force

…which will cause the bot to always make a bet of 75% of the current pot amount in this situation. Now, as simple as this seems, it can get more complicated in order to accommodate more creative scenarios, but again – it is very easy to learn to use, and we are willing to help you with that. Check out the newbie questions on the PPL Board of our support forum for examples.

Because users can easily create their own playing profiles, many of our customers have done just that. Check out the Marketplace section of our forum to see third-party created profiles that are available. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t really need those, because we also have a forum section with many good free profiles available which target different game types, and, as we have just shown, any of them are easy to tweak to your liking.

We also sell bots for Omaha; both Omaha-Hi and Hi-Lo. Right now these are on a 2 for 1 special so you can get both for the price of one. Our support coverage is not quite so wide on these products, however, but they do currently work at 15+ poker rooms including many large iPoker sites, 888 Poker, and three Cake network rooms. If you like Omaha, check these bots out because they are probably the best kept secret in all of poker-botting.

All of our poker bots work in all different game types. All tournament forms are supported, be they 1-table SNG’s or large field MTT’s and everything in between. All different table types are supported, including heads-up tables, 6-max tables, 10-max tables, and everything in between. Some of our members have found success tweaking their own profile to target niche game types such as super-turbo 6-max SNG’s (which are great for clearing deposit bonuses) or “double up” SNG’s. Whatever type of online poker you’re into, Shanky Technologies software products can be a valuable tool in helping you conquer the game.

For info on all our poker bot software products please visit our main website:

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