Poker Bot Profile Update 2022

Hey it’s 2022 and online poker continues to thrive. It is interesting, though, to observe the switches in popularity that the individual games go through. The last two years have seen Pot Limit Omaha boom, including new variation spin-offs appearing such as PLO5 and even PLO6 (with 5 and 6 hole cards, respectively). We like PLO5 and developed a bot for it last year, along with several decent playing profiles to go with it. What we are noticing right now, however, is the action at the PLO4 tables. It’s like people have experimented with the variations and decided to flock back to the OG game where it is easier to keep track of all the draw combinations, especially for human eyes – which, of course, means that bots have an inherent advantage at PLO5 always being able to see every nuance of hand strengths.

To that end we have been working on our PLO4 cash game profile and greatly improving it. There is currently an active thread in our forum where we are doing this. You may want to follow along there if you are interested in botting PLO4. Please note we are talking about the Omaha-Hi game here (we already have very strong existing profiles in our Hi-Lo bot). Up until yesterday we deemed the “heads up cash” profile our best overall PLO4 cash game profile, and therefore had that one set to auto-load in our PLO4 bot. But with the posting of Omaha Bot versions 11.5.9 on December 31, 2021, we switched out to the latest OmahaHiCash profile as the default loader because it has now become the best, and we are continuing to work to improve it.

You can download all three of our PLO Omaha Poker Bots at:

Each of them comes with a 200-hand free demo, so we encourage you to try them all. You will notice we have different license bundles available on the purchase page, after you decide which ones you want. We can also do a combination Holdem Bot / PLO bot bundle, any which way you like, so contact us for a quote if interested.

Speaking of the Holdem Bot, it is also currently upgraded to version 11.5.9 at the time of this writing. The latest version can always be downloaded at:

A list of current site/platform support is always maintained at the beginning of the PDF files which accompany the downloads, and also on our main website at Perhaps the easiest place to view it is at the beginning of our poker bot “User Manual” PDFs.

If you are a club owner seeking a private support job for a larger number of bots to run, please reach out to us from the contact form on our website. We have already supported several clubs using the Evenbet/Enterra platform, so are quite familiar with that one. (Unfortunately they are not all the same table layout, so we will need to take a look at your tables before giving you a quote for the job).

2022 is looking to be a great year at the tables. Don’t forget to use our bot to grind away at the tournaments you can’t play manually — and keep those screenshots coming of all the high-money final table finishes our bots make for you. We love them!

Happy New Year from Shanky Technologies

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