Online Gaming During and After COVID-19

Our business saw a significant pick-up during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. A whole lot of people who enjoy poker found themselves at home and online, with nothing to do. That is a formula for an online business boom. Just ask Amazon. With the casinos and poker rooms shut down, online poker tables quickly filled up.

Poker isn’t the only form of online gaming that is seeing a surge. A friend of ours runs an online casino referral site at and also reports that business is good. Yep, good old fashion casino gambling. The Las Vegas Strip is deader than a doornail right now, so maybe this is where everyone went.

The question is, will this trend continue or will it taper off as the pandemic eases and the world economies return to normal? It is a difficult question to answer because we don’t really know if normal is a thing that will ever again match pre-pandemic conditions. There is a lot of talk of a new normal. Many companies learned that most jobs can actually be performed from home. And some of those unmonitored employees like to mix in a little online recreation in their work day. Heck, why not?

Therefore it is our prediction that the COVID-19 crisis will have lasting positive effects on the world of online gaming. We think poker action will stay good for years into the foreseeable future. It is a good time to own an online casino or poker club (especially since you can now open a poker club on an app platform like PPpoker, UPoker, and Poker Bros). It is also a good time to be a strong online poker player who is working a +EV strategy.

With this in mind, we here at Shanky aim to maintain good support for our poker bot software. And we think these aforementioned apps may represent the future of online poker. They are unquestionably where the softest action can be found. You just need reputable clubs and agents. We are working on recruiting those into our forum as well. If you have not been active lately, it’s time to make a deposit and find your game – and while you are at it, update your poker bot.

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