Hold’em Bot Crypto Fix Posted

Hello Pokerbotters,

As many of you know the Cryptologic poker rooms recently upgraded their software, temporarily disabling our poker bots there. This happened about 3 days ago.

Today we posted the upgrade which fixes this, Holdem Bot version 1.5.1. Those of you who have been using our gaming assistance software products for a while now are probably not surprised, unless you are surprised that it took us a whole three days to get the fix out! This is how we roll at Shanky, baby.

There are a couple other Cryptologic changes of note. The bot now plays PL Holdem at the Cryptos, using the pot-sized betting button on the flop and beyond. If you can find this game structure going it’s probably a good bet for the bot. Be sure to set all the NL/PL user options the way you want them first.

The bot will also now play a kamakazi style poker game in the NL games at the Cryptos. This is because it now uses the Max Bet button post flop instead of the Min Bet button, going all-in whenever it makes a post-flop bet. We figured that would be a bit more useful than using the min button, in case you ever run across a NL game there that you want to terrorize. (Please note we still don’t recommend playing NL cash games seriously at the Cryptos).

You can download the new version here:


We are still working on some other great new features that should be out soon in another upgrade, along with an appropriate change in the license fee. Those of you sitting on the fence might want to beat the price increase by making your purchase this week.

Happy Botting,

Shanky Technologies Team


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