Omaha/8 Poker Bot Upgrade

Dear Poker Botters,

We just posted a very important upgrade for our Omaha/8 poker bot. Improvements include the following:

• Fixed for the Crypto’s recent software upgrade
• Calls small raises now in PL/NL games, same as our Holdem Bot
• Fold or All In by Players at Table added, same as our Holdem Bot
• Improved Play in PL Games – if a wheel is possible it now gives
up all hands with a high value lower than straight, plus on
non-threatening boards it now plays two-way hands against one
opponent very aggressively (where the opponent would need to use all four cards to beat you in both directions).

Testing of the new version is showing greatly improved results
across all formats of Omaha Hi-Lo Pot Limit games. All existing
license holders can download the new version here:

So what’s the warning? This is your last chance to steal this
incredible software program for $68, that’s what. It’s worth way
more than that now, and we will start bumping the price in just a
few days.

There will be another upgrade posted soon which will allow you go after the NL cash games at Full Tilt more effectively, using a
whole new strategy. However the first price increase will go into effect before that upgrade is posted.

Fair warning!

Happy botting,

Shanky Technologies Team

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