Holdem Bot Upgrade for NL/PL Games

Greetings Poker Botters,

The small raise issue has been fixed!

We are very happy to announce a very important upgrade for our Holdem Bot. As many of you realize, the only major flaw in the bot’s No Limit and Pot Limit play has been not being able to recognize small raises. That is to say, the bot would sometimes fold to a very small raise after making a large bet because it had no way of knowing whether the raise was small or large.

We just fixed that! Version 1.4.9 has been posted on our site ready for you to download, right now. This version will never fold to a small raise after betting (or raising). You have your choice of what percentage of the bot’s last bet it will always call if raised: 20%, 30%, or 40%. That should be a good menu to cover many different game environments, as you really never want to fold for a raise that is less than 20% of your bet.

Even though this situation only rarely comes up, it can cost you a good pot when it does. So it’s a very important fix for NL/PL games (especially tournaments). As always, all existing license holders get this upgrade for free. You can download it here:


If you haven’t purchased a license yet, we will hold the price steady for a few more days to give you a chance to grab it before the license fee increase. This is the most anticipated upgrade for this product yet, so don’t miss out.

One more thing – this version also fixes a bug with the NL Cap games at Full Tilt where it wasn’t recognizing capped raises preflop. The new version should now be a perfect fit for those games.

Happy botting!

Shanky Technologies Team


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