Yes we have UPoker Poker Bots

We now have fully working poker bots for UPoker for both NLH and PLO4. The latest update of our poker bot software to version 10.8.1 re-supports UPoker at 6-Max, 8-max, and 9-Max tables for both Windows 7 and Windows 10. It has been tested in all different environments and the bugs are now weeded out. It’s time to bot UPoker!

Download Holdem Bot 10.8.1 with UPoker support at:

Download PLO4 Omaha Bots version 10.8.1 with UPoker support at:

Setup for UPoker is extremely easy: English language, 2-color deck, and make sure your Windows Display DPI (Display setting) is on 100%. That’s it. The bot will resize the window correctly to where it needs it.

Our best cash profile is now set to auto-load in our PLO4 Omaha-Hi bot so all you have to do is open it and press start. If you are playing at any fishy UPoker clubs, give it a whirl!

Multi-tabling can only be done if you can make the additional tables appear on the screen at the same time. We hear this might be possible to do using different accounts, like back in before PPpoker allowed simultaneous multi-tabling. See the multi-tabling instructions in the back of our Easy Start Guide PDF instructions for opening additional bot windows to attach to additional tables.

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