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pokerbot hand imageWe have discovered one actual winning online pokerbot for sale that is beating the fish in cash games and consistently cashing in tournaments of all sizes. Actually we have discovered two that do this. Both of them are sold by Shanky Technologies.

Obviously we are talking about our own poker bots here. In our forum we recently started a thread that allowed anyone to post a link to a better poker bot for sale, and nobody has been able to do so. It is agreed then among hundreds of members that ours are the best pokerbots which have ever been created.

It doesn’t matter what limits you play or rather you prefer cash games or tournaments. We have the best products available and are the logical choice for online poker players who are searching for an auto-play solution. And we aren’t done yet! Soon we will support additional poker rooms and will be releasing upgrades that play better and have more user options.

There are a lot of reasons why an online poker player might find a bot to be very useful. Suppose you are in a juicy game full of the best assortment of fish you have ever seen but must leave the table for a half hour to take care of something. The bot program will hold your place for you.

What about all those player points you have accumulated? How many hats and T-shirts do you need? Might as well put a good poker bot to use playing in the freerolls for you. Do you hate the first half of tournaments where it’s all luck anyway? Let the bot get you to the middle or late stages then take over, saving you time and keeping you fresh.

Whether your game is Texas Holdem or Omaha Hi-Lo, we got you covered. Limit, No Limit, Pot Limit, they play them all equally well. Cash games, single table SNG’s, or the big tournament on Sunday – take your choice. And at this price you cannot afford not to have one working for you – don’t you think?

Visit our website at for more details.

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