Holdem Bot Now Works at Ultimate Bet

Greetings Botting Enthusiasts,

We are happy to announce that our Hold’em Bot now works at Ultimate Bet in addition to Full Tilt and the five Cryptologic poker rooms. This addition adds a tremendous amount of value to this product, as there is a ton of stuff you can do with it at UB.

They spread very soft micro-limt games which our bot just destroys, and they have a bad-beat jackpot which gets distributed over all the tables of the same type and limit when it hits. Using the holdem bot to play for the jackpot when it gets huge is an excellent strategy with a built-in overlay.

Also, the games at UB are a lot easier to beat overall. Our testing has shown that the bot makes the money more often in the 1-table SNG’s here (despite them being 10-handed as opposed to 9-handed at Full┬áTilt, which means they pay more as well).

We have been asked by some of our forum members to please keep the license price at $129 for a few days, so that’s exactly what we are going to do. But we will be raising it to a more appropriate level after that, because it’s just too cheap now that the bot works at Ultimate Bet.

As always, all existing license holders can download the new version for free. We’ll be making some more exciting improvements to our Hold’em Pokerbot shortly as well. Here is the download location:


Have a blast at Ultimate Bet.

Happy botting,
Shanky Technologies Team

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