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We currently offer three different poker bots that are for sale on our main web page. Each has a 200-hand free demo. The most popular is our Holdem Bot, which currently supports more than twenty poker rooms (across five different networks). We have been selling this particular generation of software since March of 2009. We have been selling poker bots online, however, since 2006 when we first published our website (although, back then, our primary product was a Blackjack Bot used for cashing casino deposit bonuses, but we also sold an Omaha Hi-Lo bot for Paradise Poker on the side).

Things have certainly changed since then. We have seen the political environment in the United States, what used to be our primary market, go through radical changes. While there is still no federal law in the U.S. specifically prohibiting online gambling, many individual states do have such laws, and the ambiguity of the situation has driven most of the larger operators out of the country. We ourselves now sell our software primarily to European-based customers.

Not that Europe is a stable political environment either. Individual countries have also enacted online-gambling related laws which have segregated the poker player pool bases to stay with those countries. Examples would be France, Italy, and Spain. This has been difficult to keep up with, but, thanks to iPoker mostly, our software does currently work at several poker sites in Italy and France, and one in Spain. Other countries simply have licensing regulations. Danish and Belgian players are victims of these schemes, but, thanks again to iPoker, we have those players covered now as well. And we do still support one solid USA-friendly network, that of Winning Poker Network, with America’s Cardroom, Blackchip Poker, and 5 Dimes poker (which accepts players from all 50 states).

What makes our current generation poker bot software unique is the user’s ability to fully customize it with a reasonable degree of ease. What this means is you can make it play any way you want for any poker situation. All you have to do is describe the situation and then tell the bot how to act in it. This is accomplished using something called PPL, which stands for Poker Programming Language. It is quite intuitive and simple to use, not like any other programming language at all. Most poker players pick it up very quickly. Moreover, because our software comes pre-loaded with a strong playing profile already, all you need to do is “tweak” the plays you see fit to. For example, suppose you decide you never want to slow-play a set on the flop in first position against two or more opponents (which the default profile will sometimes do). You can make sure that never happens by writing one simple command, as follows:


When haveset and position = first and opponents >= 2 bet 75% force

…which will cause the bot to always make a bet of 75% of the current pot amount in this situation. Now, as simple as this seems, it can get more complicated in order to accommodate more creative scenarios, but again – it is very easy to learn to use, and we are willing to help you with that. Check out the newbie questions on the PPL Board of our support forum for examples.

Because users can easily create their own playing profiles, many of our customers have done just that. Check out the Marketplace section of our forum to see third-party created profiles that are available. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t really need those, because we also have a forum section with many good free profiles available which target different game types, and, as we have just shown, any of them are easy to tweak to your liking.

We also sell bots for Omaha; both Omaha-Hi and Hi-Lo. Right now these are on a 2 for 1 special so you can get both for the price of one. Our support coverage is not quite so wide on these products, however, but they do currently work at 15+ poker rooms including many large iPoker sites, 888 Poker, and three Cake network rooms. If you like Omaha, check these bots out because they are probably the best kept secret in all of poker-botting.

All of our poker bots work in all different game types. All tournament forms are supported, be they 1-table SNG’s or large field MTT’s and everything in between. All different table types are supported, including heads-up tables, 6-max tables, 10-max tables, and everything in between. Some of our members have found success tweaking their own profile to target niche game types such as super-turbo 6-max SNG’s (which are great for clearing deposit bonuses) or “double up” SNG’s. Whatever type of online poker you’re into, Shanky Technologies software products can be a valuable tool in helping you conquer the game.

For info on all our poker bot software products please visit our main website: www.BonusBots.com

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