Omaha Hi-Lo Poker Bot Upgrade

Greetings Poker Botters,

We are happy to announce the release of Omaha/8 Poker Bot Version 2.2.9, which features:

• Many PL/NL Playing Improvements, including some that use bet size recognition in it’s decisions.

• A new Aggressive Tournament Option, which when set will invoke raising more aggressively with reasonably strong hands on non-threatening boards. Using this new option is a great way to play tournaments and SNG’s.

• A very effective NL Cash Game Strategy has been programmed into this bot now. When it holds aces preflop and there is 1+ call or raise it moves all-in, looking for fish who will call without the other aces. It will also move all-in against one opponent post-flop when holding a two-way hand that the opponent would have to use all four cards in order to scoop.

If you don’t understand how powerful that is, go to and play around with the Omaha Hi-Lo calculator. Give one hand the worst aces hand you can think of and one other opponent the best other O8 hand you can come up with and compare the scoop percentage results against an unknown board. You will see that anybody who calls without the other aces is literally handing you money, and there are definitely players who do that in this game!

With these new features we feel that this poker bot is now a serious threat in any Omaha Hi-Lo game of any structure. As always, all existing license holders get the upgrade for free. You can download it here:

Considering how well this bot plays now, the current $79 price tag is way, way, waaayyy too low. It isn’t staying there for very long. But we will hold it at that price through the weekend to give you one last chance at a true bargain.

Happy botting,

Shanky Technologies Team

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