Holdem Poker Bot version 1.5.3 Released

Greetings Fellow Poker Botters,

We are happy to announce the release of Holdem Bot version 1.5.3,
which is going to make most of you very happy. In addition to
fixing various NL/PL bugs in the prior version (that affected both
Full Tilt and Ultimate Bet), we added a couple highly requested new

The most important one is the ability to save your option settings
as a profile. This was a much-needed time saver, as the option
menu is getting so long now that having to go through and change it
for a different game environment was becoming a bit of a chore. You
can read new the instructions for saving profiles on this thread:


The other new feature has to do with the hide button. On the new
version the Hide function will search out available call-back
buttons on F10, then F11, then F12. This should fix those of you
who have not been able to hide the bot due to another program using
F10. It also allows up to three instances of the bot to be hidden
for those of you who keep forgetting to call it back, and also
those of you with large screens insisting on attempting to

As always, all existing license holders can download the new
version free, here:


We are working on a follow-up upgrade with playing improvements
that we hope to have out next week. When we release that we expect
to implement the next price increase in the license fee, so you
probably have about a week left to get it at $129. As a final
reminder, we are also going to raise the price on the Omaha/8 bot
to $89 in the next few days – so this is your final opportunity to
get that one for $79.

That’s it for now. Happy botting!

Shanky Technologies Team


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