Important Holdem Pokerbot Upgrade

Holdem Bot version 3.1.1 has been posted

Important Upgrade

• Call Small Raises function changed from the Stack Size percentage to a new Total Investment comparison to stack size – we recommend setting this high, above 75%

Max session By Stack Size Added

• Better Card Reading, should be less “unable to verify card” incidents when multi-tabling

• In Big Blind, In Small Blind, and In Button now recognized on all betting rounds and on subsequent action on same betting round

Straights Needing Only 1 Card Programming Fixed, undercard straights will no longer be played for large bets but all other 3rd nut straights will

• Use OCR Option Gone – bot does this automatically when needed so no reason to ever turn it on now

• Subsequent actions on same betting round for custom coded instructions that the coder neglected to account for will now revert to options menu and/or default settings rather than the last action taken

• New variable for custom code added: BigBlindSize

• New variable for custom code added: TotalInvested (number of big blinds)

Post-flop variables for custom coding added and enabled – complete list will be posted on the coding board tomorrow for beta testing.

All readng materials updated. Post-flop custom code variables will not be published in the user guide until beta testing is complete.

Get the new version now, here:

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