Blackjack Bot Upgrade Notice

Greetings Casino Bonus Hunters and Botting Enthusiasts,

We are happy to announce the release of Blackjack Bot version 2.16.5 which supports a new casino.

Gamebookers Casino offers an easy to clear bonus that will take the bot one night to bag by betting the minimum, and with a house edge of only .40% the variance should behave as well. The EV is $60 – not too bad for a one-nighter.

This is a no-download casino that plays inside Mozilla Firefox; please see the new instructions file as Gamebookers has been added to the very end of it. It’s a good little bonus that is mostly aimed at their sportsbook customers – but anyone can take advantage of it (especially those of you armed with our excellent bonus bagging software).

Those of you who have not done VC Casino or Viking Bet should be aware that Viking Bet Casino still works with our Blackjack Bot and offers a great bonus with an EV of $123. We took VC casino off the list a couple months ago and didn’t realize that their sister casino Viking Bet had not changed software in step. Check the country restriction list before depositing. Specifics for Viking Bet are in the new instructions as well.

We are working on adding some more casinos – but we wanted to get this version to you so you can bag the Gamebookers bonus today, and start on Viking Bet if you are able. As of right now the Blackjack Bot stats are:

• 27 casinos supported
• $2697 in total initial deposit bonuses
• $1694 in total expected value from those bonuses
• $583 in total monthly reload bonus expected value

By the way we cleaned up those figures recently and took off anything remotely unreasonable, such as the BetheDealer reload bonus which requires a very large deposit to get (it is still there if you want it, but is no longer included in our numbers). So that $583 in monthly reload EV is a very real, even somewhat-conservative figure now.

We think that our asking price of $149 for the software is a no-brainer just based on the $583 you are expected to make every month on the reload bonuses alone! Consequently when we get the other casinos added (hopefully within a few days) we are planning on raising the price on the license. However we will give those of you still sitting on the fence a few more days to grab a real bargain before implementing the price increase.

As always, all existing license holders get the upgrade for free. You can download version 2.16.5 here:

That’s it for now. Happy bonus hunting!


Shanky Technologies Team

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