Holdem Bot version 2.0.5 Posted

We just posted a Holdem Poker Bot upgrade that includes significant revisions plus some great new fetaures. Here is the breakdown:

• Various Playing Improvements, including:
– Calling larger bets with sets on some possible straight and possible flush boards
– Shoving on the flop with strong 2-way draws
– Drawing to flushes on the Turn when pot odds warrant it
– Tighter small blind play

• Minimum Bet Override Tighter – now requires pot size of at least 5 big blinds plus minimum hand value of best high card

• New Set Mining Option – you now control the max size preflop raise to call with 22 through 99

• New In Blinds Post Flop Override Option – tighten up post-flop play from the blinds if you so desire

• New Preflop Reraise Override – only reraise with AA and KK preflop if you so desire

Thank you everyone who helped develop the ideas for the playing improvements and new features. Get the new version here:


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