Holdem Bot version 2.0.4 Posted

Greetings Poker Botters,

We just released an important upgrade for our popular Holdem Bot product, especially for anyone interested in playing at Ultimate Bet. You can now multi-table at Ultimate Bet, up to 3 tables at a time, regardless of the size of your monitor.

The bad beat jackpots at UB have been getting huge lately. Last week one got hit that was over $550,000. Everyone who is playing at the same stakes jackpot game gets a cut when these get hit. Moreover, these games fill up with bad poker players (who are basically just playing the lottery) when the jackpots get big. So there’s money to be made just from playing in them as well.

These bad beat jackpots are a perfect strategy for using a poker bot. We have already had two customers in our forum report getting a piece of a large jackpot at UB while using our Holdem Bot. They tend to get hit in the middle of the night, so just turn the bot on (you can now put it in three tables and cover three different stakes games if you want) before you go to bed.

The other thing that’s great about UB are the scheduled tournaments. They go off around the clock and there is always one starting. You can now put the poker pot in three different tournaments at UB and it will handle the table changes for you automatically at all three of them. Use our new Aggressive Tournament Setting to set the conditions for when you want it to go all in!

We fixed some other bugs as well. Here is the complete list of what’s new:

• Non OCR Play for Ultimate Bet enabled, resulting in:
Muti-tabling possible now for all size screens
– Smoother play at UB overall, no more getting stuck, disconnects rare
– Use OCR function now includes UB as well
• Bathroom Break Issues Fixed – finishes playing the current hand now first when break is triggered
• UB 10-Player Table Button Recognition Bug Fixed
• Limit Big Blind Size Calculation Error Fixed – now calculates pot odds correctly again in Limit games
• Two Pair on Board Full House Bug Fixed
• 100% CPU Usage at Full Tilt Issue Fixed – everybody should be able to turn off Use OCR now
As always, all existing members get the upgrade for free. FYI we have another upgrade with more cool new features due out soon, so we are going to hold off on raising the license fee to $159 until then. In the meantime you can get the new version here:

Happy Poker Botting (and good luck at the big jackpots),

Shanky Technologies Team


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