Holdem Bot Profile Info Page

To celebrate our new website re-design, we posted an updated information page on several popular profiles for our Holdem Bot. Check that out here:


It should be of particular interest to anyone seeking an understanding of the strategy behind Wild Bill, and the correct way to use it. When you follow the instructions, and have just a little bit of luck, the results can be a towering stack size that is almost comical – as these recent customer comments reflect:

“Came back to my PC and whoa! Bill had all the chips at the table, and the fully-tilted villains kept stacking off more.”
“Just got the bot, been fooling around at one site where Wild Bill is winning for me.”

Wild Bill is one of five profiles that now come pre-loaded in the bot. You can download the latest build, Holdem Bot version 8.9.5 right now, here:


To use the profiles package that comes in the bot, just go to Holdem > Read Profile and point and click to load. It doesn’t get easier than that!

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