Help with the Profiles that Come in our Holdem Bot

Our Holdem Poker Bot bot now comes loaded with 5 different profiles to choose from. Here is some information about their playing styles:

6-Pack: Load this one for 6-max cash tables. It plays a LAG-style game (loose-aggressive) without becoming hyper-aggressive. Buy in for a full stack.

Little Green: Based on the style taught in Phil Gordon’s book, this profile will push with draws and strong hands on the flop, so is best used in cash games and is good at full 9/10 player tables where the players stick around a while. Buy in for around 70% of a full stack for best results.

Wild Bill: A hyper-aggressive cash game profile that tightens up when it’s stack size reaches 150 big blinds. It is important to only buy in for a half-stack with this profile (you can also short-stack with it).

MTT: One of our favorite tournament profiles. Use in MTTs or SNGs (but be aware that 200 hands may not be enough to finish the event).

Default profile: Do nothing to use this one as it loads by default. It’s name is Doodle and it plays a typical TAG-style (tight-aggressive) so is best at low stakes, full 9 or 10-player cash tables. A good choice to simply evaluate how the bot functions if you can find a full 9/10-max table going.

While you may or may not agree with all of the decisions any of these profile make, you should note how well the bot functions in regards to reading position, bet size, number of opponents, and taking all the action on the current and previous betting rounds into consideration in it’s decisions. All within a 2.5 second time-frame.

You can fully customize the decisions the bot makes by tweaking any profile, or even create your own from scratch. See section 2 of the Holdem Bot User Manual for details on how to do this. Many additional ready-made profiles are available in our support forum.

Your demo will work for 200 hands before requiring you to buy a license. After you purchase a license, the bot will then continue to work unrestricted. See how easy it is to earn rakeback, clear deposit bonuses, and score high-money finishes in tournaments without having to be at your computer.

Go ahead and try it at any or all of the supported poker rooms, in play money or real money games, using any or all of the provided profiles. When you see how easy it is to beat the fish while you relax in the hot tub, we’re certain we’ll see you at the license purchase page — and welcome you into our botting family.

Have fun,

Shanky Technologies Team

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