Holdem Bot 9.2.5 Ignition patches + Windows 10

Holdem Bot 9.2.5 has been posted. This version fixes some lingering Ignition issues from the last update. It also starts a beta testing period for Windows 10 users at Americas Cardroom. You can download the new version right now, here:


Please note for Americas Cardroom only 6-max cash tables are thus far supported on Windows 10 and you must turn a switch on the bot’s option menu: Options => Other settings => Use OCR at Americas. The user manual has not been updated for this yet, as we are beta testing and seeking feedback.

Yesterday, a long-time customer sent us a screenshot of a 1st place win at Ignition out of a field of more than 180+ players. He also provided these comments:

“I had two final tables yesterday on Ignition! One of which took 1st completely unassisted.”

“”Yes that screenshot was the 1st place. I watched it shove preflop then make a full house to take the event. Things are working great!”

We also plan on getting the 3-max Jackpot tables supported on Americas Cardroom soon. Especially seeing how well those playing “Twister SNGs” at iPoker are doing with the Spin & Win profile from our forum, as this graph reflects:

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