Critical iPoker Update in Holdem Bot 9.1.1

We just posted Holdem Bot version 9.1.1 with the patch for the latest iPoker software update. Although this latest iPoker update is still “rolling” and has not yet hit every site, it will soon, and 9.1.1 is a critical update for reading the stack sizes. Titan, William Hill, and Betfred have all been affected already, along with a few others. You can Download Holdem Bot 9.1.1 right now, here:

The bot should now continue to work at all iPoker rooms in all countries, as long as your language settings are in English or Italian. It was a big update and we burned the midnight oil to get this done, because we know you appreciate it, just as these customers do:

“Bot just took another 4th place, €150 won!”

“Just won 20€ testing the bot in 10/20c games and I really like the way it plays, just like I do.”

Here is a long-term results graph of the KGB profile from our forum, which is a legendary Shanky profile for many years:

See our previous post for the full site support list as it is still current. Good spring poker botting to you!

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