Two New Merge Rooms Supported in Holdem Bot

This is an important update for everyone who is currently using, or possibly interested in, our Holdem Poker bot software. We just added support for two new poker rooms on the Merge network, Players Only and If you are interested in playing at either of these rooms, please download the latest version of the Holdem Bot from this page:

The Merge network is known for soft games, stable software, big bad-beat jackpots, and most importantly not giving us poker botters any problems. They seem to love us there. This is the same network that Carbon Poker is on (also supported) and many of our members have been reporting great results there so far – including some high final table finishes in large-field MTT’s.

You can get a 35% rakeback deal at Players Only, whereas uses an attractive VIP system that allows you to trade player points for cash. Players Only has a $600 initial deposit bonus and Sportsbook has a $650 initial deposit bonus. So these two new rooms add $1250 to the total signup bonuses that can be cashed at the eight different poker rooms our Holdem Bot now works at. That brings the grand total to $5450.

Now some of these signup bonuses are slow to clear at the lower stakes and have time limits on them, so you probably cannot reasonably expect to get all of that while using the bot at the lowest limits. However you should have no problem clearing at least $3,000+ of those bonuses during your first few months using the bot. This is how most of our customers start off.

You can simply use the rock-solid default profile that comes in the bot to work off the deposit bonuses at 9-max NL cash games with blinds as high as .25/.50, depending on game conditions of course. There are many graphs posted in our support forum (from our members who use Poker tracker or Holdem Manager) that just go up-up-up-up over time, including more than a few that are from the default profile. So not only can you clear thousands of dollars in poker room deposit bonuses while you sleep, you can actually expect to win money from your results as well.

Then of course there are the bad beat jackpots, guaranteed MTT’s, and easy-to-beat SNG’s. Our bot plays them all, and there is even add-on software available that will sit the bot in new SNG’s for you that are starting all day long. You can go to work and come back and see how your profile did in two dozen SNG’s or so while you were working today.

If you haven’t gotten into this hobby yet you are not only missing out on a heck of a lot of fun, but you are leaving a heck of a lot of money lying on the table as well. Don’t let those deposit bonus offers just sit there. Get a license for your bot today and start bagging them. Join our community, make new friends, and have a blast while earning some extra scratch.


Shanky Technologies Team

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