Poker Bot Tips for Cash Games

Hey Poker Sharks,
While many of us are content to use the Holdem Poker Bot mainly for tournaments (after clearing the initial $600 deposit bonus at Full Tilt in cash games of course), we also have a lot of members who prefer to continue grinding the cash games. In case you fall into that camp we wanted to give you some tips.
First of all, here is an updated graph with over 100,000 hands played now from forum member “Chuck Norris.” He is testing the default profile that comes with the bot at NL2 tables:

poker bot results 100,000 hands played

And here is a graph of over 250,000 hands played by forum member “Bam” who is doing the same thing:

poker bot results 250,000 hands played

Both these guys are playing anywhere from 3 to 6 tables at a time and letting the bot run for 8-12 hours per day. NL2 means one and two cent blinds with a $2 max buyin so it ain’t glamorous, but it does make steady and reliable profits – especially when rakeback is added in. You can do this with a bankroll as small as $50. These games are incredibly easy to beat. This is partially because really bad other pokerbots that people are trying to make get tested at these levels, and most of them never end up winning (the bad bots just don’t have all the variables that PPL does).
The free default profile that comes with the bot will also beat NL5 games in similar fashion, that is with .02/.05 blinds and a $5 max buyin. A $150 bankroll is sufficient for that level. Many of our customers choose to clear the deposit bonus at these stakes because they know they will see profits from play in addition to the bonus money, and because you can profitably use the bot right out of the box at these tables.
Clearing that $600 deposit bonus at Full Tilt should be your first order of business. You only get one shot at it, so you should deposit the entire $600 to get all of it (if you can). Playing in NL10 games (.05/.10 blinds and $10 max buyin) will clear the bonus a lot faster however. The default profile should break even in play at those stakes, or maybe lose a little, but you can get all the bonus money zipped up as profit in a matter of weeks and then decide what you want to do from there.
You might want to buy a custom profile from our marketplace in an attempt to increase your win rate and/or play a little higher stakes. Some of them are very reasonably priced. For example, Zulu recently lowered the price on his popular “Grinder” profile to only $39, and he gives you a free MTT version to boot. That profile gets good reviews and has over 5,000 lines of code on playing the River alone. Seems like a good investment if you want to grind NL10 or higher. Some of his customers earn enough rakeback every month to make a new Mercedes payment.
Then there is Bodog. This is the fishiest poker room we support, most likely due to the sportsbook that allows you to bet on sports and play poker from the same account without making any transfers. It is one of the biggest online sportsbooks and has been for many years. The hottest tip I can give you is to run the poker bot when the sports gamblers are at the tables, which is from about 7 PM EST to about 1 AM weekdays (it starts much earlier on weekends). The free default profile that comes with the bot will win in games as high as NL50 during these peak times.
If you ever had any downloading issues with the free demo version of our Holdem Bot, we want to inform you that we just made it a lot easier. The download is now a regular installer program. Two clicks and it will be safely tucked into a folder/subfolder on your C: drive. The user manual will now open for you by default when the download is complete and walk you through the setup procedure. You can even have a normal desktop shortcut to if you wish. Give it a try and download the latest version, 5.1.4, from this page:
That’s it for now. Have fun grinding those cash games and munching on those sports-betting fish at Bodog.
Shanky Technologies team

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