PLO Omaha-Hi Poker Bot Released

Greetings Online Poker Sharks,

Shanky Technologies is happy to announce the release of our latest software, the brand new PLO Omaha-Hi Poker bot. We are quite proud of this product. Quite a bit of research and work went into it. We think it will be of great interest to serious online poker players.

The default programming took four months to create. Coding, testing, refining, coding testing, countless hours of scouring through session logs, and coding and testing some more. The end result is probably the best profile we have written to date.

Why should this game be of interest to you? Because it is absolutely booming in popularity and as a result is attracting the plumpest fish in all of poker. Maybe some of you remember how easy NL Holdem was to beat about 6 or 7 years ago on Party Poker? Three hours in a $50 max buy-in game used to virtually guarantee a $100+ win for anybody who could play half-way decent poker, because the fools were just giving their money away.

For anybody that has been paying attention lately, the good old days are back and it is in Pot Limit Omaha. The one thing you need in order to make reliable poker profits is to play against worse players than you, and lots of them. The PLO tables are like a ripe fruit tree just waiting to be plucked. With our new pokerbot, you can do that while relaxing in the hot tub with a good cigar and a copy of the latest Card Player.

The default programming was designed to take advantage of the fact that so many bad players simply do not understand the value of their hand. They overplay AA post-flop ridiculously, and even think that TPTK is a hand they can get aggressive with. Most of them play almost any four cards preflop even for raises, because they remember the time they flopped bottom two pair and it held up. They will call you a donk when you reraise all your chips in on the flop with a 16-out straight draw on a rainbow board, not realizing that you were a big favorite to beat their AA.

You will find the very worst players at the 6-max tables. It’s an action game and they love it. Our new poker bot will play a loose-aggressive style at these tables; however you will notice that it is still usually the tightest player at the table by far. The games are that good. Give the 200-hand demo a whirl in a $10-max game and do not be surprised if you book a nice win. You can download the demo here:

Because it is such an action game, very large wins are commonplace. That is part of what attracts all the fish. It makes sense. Scan the PLO tables and you will see at least one player sitting on an absolute mountain of chips most of the time. That can quite easily be your bot after several hours of play. Consequently we do NOT recommend using a max stacksize sit-out command in PLO!

As always, you can adjust the option settings to your liking and/or tweak a play here and there (or adjust the starting hand selection) with a few lines of PPL. However you may want to give the default programming a decent run before doing that, as in our testing it was just destroying the games. Is that Sales hype? OK, yes – you got me there. But am I being truthful? Also yes. In fact we considered not even releasing the profile. However in the end what we do is sell software that we are proud of, so it’s yours if you want it.

The new Omaha Bot User Manual now covers both of our Omaha bots. The license fee is $115, comparable to our Omaha/8 bot. As a special rollout deal it is priced at $99 for the Holidays — which we certainly wish you the happiest of.

Have fun at the PLO tables.

Shanky Technologies Team

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