New Poker Bot Features

Greetings Online Poker Sharks,
We recently posted a fast series of upgrades for the Holdem Bot with important new features. In case you haven’t been paying attention, we are sending this notice so you can get your bot upgraded. Version 4.9.2 is available now here:
Before upgrading, we would recommend that you delete all your existing files (except your profiles and your license of course) because we have changed the name of some of our files, including the bot itself. That way you won’t get confused as the result of the older files hanging around in your folder. As always, all existing license holders get the upgrade for free. The new features fall into two categories:
The new bot hides from the poker rooms better than ever. This last version we released moves the cursor to the buttons when playing at Full Tilt which mimics human play perfectly (with random pixel clicking of course). Starting in version 4.9.1 our software no longer touches the registry at all. It has also been renamed to a common windows function that always has several instances already running on every PC in your task manager. The .dll file that the bot uses is now named the same as the actual one that windows uses.
Then end result is that when the bot is hidden there is no longer any way for the poker rooms to pick it up with a simple check of the registry or what processes are running on your PC.
We recommend keeping the bot several subfolders deep on your PC now. If you follow this advice your bot will be well-hidden from the poker room software. In order to find it they will have to invoke a full hard drive scan the way anti-virus scanning software does. This would send off alarm bells to your security software and you could deny it access so they will never have any proof on you. In fact we recommend downloading the free software program called “SnoopFree” (just Google it) which will tell you if a poker room client ever tries to do a screen scrape or scan your hard drive.
Now that you have a totally secure bot on your system, it’s time to improve it’s play even more.
We just added 24 new variables to PPL which will help you create even more detailed profiles. The profile creators in our forum are already drinking extra coffee putting these powerful new features to work. You can now define prior round betting action much more precisely on a later betting round (for example on the Turn you can now really dial in exactly how the preflop betting action went as a factor in making decisions).
As a result we expect all our good, winning profiles to improve even further. These new variables should especially help those of you working on Fixed Limit profiles. You can see a list of them here:
We have one last item of note. There is a new add-on software for sale in our forum which is totally blowing our minds. This is a topic for another newsletter, but for now just imagine this: Your computer is keeping a running list of the very worst players in your poker room (you know, the real fish who make terrible calls and lose a lot of money all the time) and is watching for them 24/7. When one sits down at a table your bot sits down at that same table, and when they leave the bot leaves and waits for another one of your fish to sit down somewhere and then joins that table. All on auto-pilot 24/7 with a 6-table capacity.
Now that would be something, wouldn’t it? Guess what – it is now a reality. The tools for doing exactly what we just described with our bot exist right this very moment. For more details log into the support forum and check out webber’s new table scanning thread in the software marketplace.
See you at the cashier cage,
Shanky Technologies Team

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