Major Holdem Bot Upgrade

Greetings poker players and botting enthusiasts,

We are extremely pleased to announce a major holdem bot upgrade, version 1.4.7. This new version has a few important fixes plus a lot of new features and improved playing instructions, many of which are the result of our forum members taking the time to post hand examples and suggestions.

The recent Full Tilt software upgrade caused the last version to stop reading the player count and position correctly in 6-max NL and PL games. That is now fixed in this upgrade. Also, the long anticpated fix for table-changes in multi-table tournaments at both Full Tilt and Ultimate Bet is now complete. With 1.4.7 you can finally play MTT’s completely unattended to your heart’s content!

Speaking of MTT’s, this new version has a new ALL-IN OR FOLD option which can be used to play a Kill Phil style in tournaments (if you don’t know what that is just google Kill Phil). Our initial testing of this feature has resulted in an extremely high in-the-money finish percentage, so you might want to give this a try for a while.

Improved playing instructions include more aggressive blind stealing when folded to on the button (which also improves it’s heads up play), being more cautious against a flopped ace when there was a preflop raise and there are 2+ live opponents, and playing more conservative on the river when there is a pair on board with 2-pair hands. In addition the bot now plays the NL CAP games at Full Tilt by the NL instructions instead of the Limit instructions, which has shown to improve results in this game significantly from our early testing.

We also added eight new choices on the option menu for NL/PL play, along with two new ones that are for Limit play. You now have more control of the bot than ever before, including tightening up preflop with pocket pairs 99 through QQ. We also added BELOW TOP PAIR NO KICKER to the list of hands to fold for a post-flop raise on non-paired boards, which should improve 1-table SNG results.

Finally, there is a new Bathroom Break scheduler on the option menu to further mimic human play. We recommend setting it to take a 3-minute break every 90 minutes or so when playing in cash games.

If you haven’t tried version 1.4.7 you haven’t tried the Shanky Technologies Holdem bot! Download the new version here and give it a whirl:

The instructions file and Strategy Guide have also been updated to reflect these changes. As always, all existing license holders get this upgrade for free. If you don’t own a license yet and are planning on purchasing one, you might want to do that today in order to beat the pending price increase.

Happy Botting,

Shanky Technologies Team 

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