Holdem Poker Bot v. 1.5.6 Released

Greetings Fellow Pokerbotters,

We are extremely happy to announce the release of Holdem Bot version 1.5.6, which includes some dynamite post-flop decision making improvements as well as a couple really slick new user options. Here is a breakdown of the new features:

Post-Flop Bet Size Recognition is now fully programmed in. Many calling and folding decisions are now made by measuring the bet size against the big blind size on all streets. This results in being able to make better calls on the river in NL/PL games, and allows you to loosen up the other settings (as you no longer have to worry about the bot calling off your stack with less than a strong hand).

New Minimum Bet Override Option. This new setting stops knuckleheads from min-betting you off a large pot. You get to decide how you want to deal with somebody betting only 1 big blind post-flop in a NL/PL game: Always call their stupid bet, or raise minimum sometimes to throw them off kilter.

The Super Tight setting now overrides the small blind limping. So Super Tight is now really super-tight.

Small Blind Limping now overrides the Fold or All-In settings. So even with Fold or All-In invoked, the bot will still complete the small blind with any two cards when the pot odds warrant it.

AQs is now separated from AK on the preflop hand control menu. In some game environments it’s a good idea to play these hands differently (especially in tournaments).

New No Limping Option – never limp again if that’s your thing. This is a good idea for many 6-max cash games. You get to decide what the bot should do with the few preflop hands that it would normally just call the blind with when you turn this option on: Raise instead, fold instead, or raise sometimes and fold sometimes randomly based on card color.

We are certain you’ll want to get cracking with this totally cool upgrade. As always, all existing license holders can download the new version here:


Although we have received a lot of raving feedback from version 1.5.4 (mostly in private emails from customers asking us to keep quiet about it), we aren’t done yet! Already we have started working on the next upgrade, which will improve playing decisions even more. That should be ready fairly soon, and we have decided to hold the price at $129 until then. So you still have a few days to purchase the best poker bot ever created for a ridiculously rock bottom price.

Happy Botting,

Shanky Technologies Team


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