Holdem Poker Bot Upgrade Announcement

Holdem Bot version 3.0.7 has been posted.

Major Upgrade

• Various post-flop playing improvements from suggestions in the forum, including the play of 1-card straights in NL/Pl games

• Various reported bugs fixed

• No Limp Option after raising now reverts to default play (so just calling a reraise is now OK)

• No Limp Option new choice: Fold if 2+ calls otherwise raise

• Post Flop In Blinds setting is now only invoked if there have been no preflop raises

• New Auto Rebuy at UB option (for cash games)

• % symbol now supported in custom preflop coding language (still in beta) for betsize vs. potize

• Botslastaction variable now has beep added as a value, enabling complete beep or fold custom profiling post-flop

(See custom profile board for details on the last two points.)

Get the new version here:


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