Holdem Poker Bot Major Upgrade

Holdem Bot version 4.1.0 has been posted.

Multi-tabling expanded to 6 tables (the F7 through F9 keys are utilized for hiding)

• UB closing 1 table & re-opening another table while multi-tabling issue fixed

• Full Tilt SNG Turbo multi-tabling issue fixed (where opening a second table closed the first one)

• Bodog cash game protection installed – if unable to verify cards for several hands in a row the bot will sitout instead of sitting there getting blinded down (this will not invoke on tournament tables)

• Various other small bugs fixed

New PPL Items

» Raisesonflop variable bug fixed (was incorrectly read as acepresentonflop)

» New action: Sitout

» New variable: StartingStackSize

» New % comparators: AmountToCall and StartingStackSize can now both go on the left of the % sign with either potsize or stacksize on the right

Get the new version here:


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