Holdem Bot Success Stories

We thought you might be interested in some of the success stories that our members have been sharing in our support forum, using the Holdem Bot to build a bankroll and then earn a monthly income from it. This is a fairly easy thing to do these days, given the availability of many solid free profiles that can be used in a variety of game environments. For example, one of our newer members “wpt2006” has recently posted:
“…doing very well with the free DON profile, winning at a 60% rate.”
DON’s are “double or nothing” 1-table SNG’s where you only need to outlast half of the 10-person table to get back double your buy-in. These are becoming more popular on both the iPoker rooms and Bodog, which are currently the sites that our members are having the most success with the bot at overall. The free Don profile he mentioned can be downloaded here:
One of the more popular free profiles is the free “MTT Kit” modification of the Doodle profile, which can be accessed at www.bonusbots.com/mtt.txt. Many deep final table finishes have been reported with it over the months and years, and the latest version is the best one yet. Here is a graph posted by long-time member “Andra” showing results over just 38 of the little $1 to $5 entry events:

That stair-stepping pattern is what a typical winning MTT player results graph looks like. Gradual downward slopes are interrupted by big spikes up when you make a deep final table finish. It will keep going like that, which is a great way to build up a decent bankroll by starting small. In fact, some people have begun with a 0 account balance and run it into thousands by starting with free-rolls. Then you can move up to the higher buy-in events like member “luna wolves” has, who just posted this graph of his MTT results in the forum:
He was using a newer paid profile from our marketplace called the KGB profile, which seems to be quickly gaining a large fan base. However it is questionable whether or not the paid profiles are even worth purchasing, because the free ones seem to be doing just as well, as can be evidenced by this post from newer member “riverrat”:
“…I recently turned a $1 buyin into $7000, yes $7000. I used the Bonus Bot and the free Doodle profile…”
He didn’t want to post any more details about exactly what he did, for obvious reasons, but that is one heck of a payday however he did it. It kind of sounds like a big MTT score, perhaps fueled by a satellite entry win first, so he probably was using the free  MTT-modified Doodle profile that is linked above.
The way most people start with the bot is by simply using the free Doodle cash game profile (that comes built-in to the bot) to clear several hundred dollars in deposit bonuses. Then they figure out what they want to do from there, after bolstering up their bankroll with the bonus money. As you can see there are a lot of creative possibilities. Whichever way you decide to do it, we know you will have a blast doing it. Our software has got to be the most fun thing out there, which can also make you a good little side-income from the online poker rooms.
That’s it for now. Have fun at the tables and we will see you at the cashier.
Shanky Technologies Team

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