Hold’em Bot Released

Greetings casino bonus hunters and botting enthusiasts,
We are very excited to announce the official release of our much
anticipated Hold’em bot. After one full year in development it is
finally ready for distribution. We just wouldn’t settle for a so-so
product, we wanted this baby to rock. And if the feedback from our early beta testers is any indication, it does that and more!
The bot can be used to play Limit Holdem at the Cryptologic poker rooms and clear their monthly bonuses in addition to earning around 30% rakeback. This happens simultaneously and really adds up.

The bot also works at Full Tilt Poker and will play all forms of
holdem including Limit, No Limit, and Pot Limit. It actually plays
No Limt there extremely well and some users are already reporting nice profits in the smaller stakes games.
Besides all this, you can use the bot to play in SNG’s and large
multi-table tournaments. I placed 4th out of 90 using it the other
day for a nice little score.
We have written a 28-page poker botting strategy guide to tell you about all the features and help you get the most out of this
product. It comes with the free download, or you can access it
directly if you you just want to read it here:
After your 100 free trial hands are over you will be required to
purchase a license to continue using our great new poker bot. The limited time special is just $119. We plan on adding more poker rooms in the next few months and predict the price tage will double before summer. As always, once you own the license you get all future upgrades for free.

Have fun,
Shanky Technologies Team

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