Blackjack Bot version 2.15.3 Posted

We just posted a Blackjack Bot upgrade with support for a new casino.

The bot now works at bwin Casino, allowing you to get your hands on their generous deposit bonus effortlessley. This adds $121 in EV to the initial deposit bonuses supported by the Blackjack Bot.

Cover play is advised for bwin. Hit the slots a little in between sessions, and since they are also a sportsbook it wouldn’t hurt to make a couple small bets on a game or two before cashing out. This casino has been known to give successful bonus abusers a bit of a hard time – so try and stay off that radar (as much as is reasonably possible).

We also want to point out that Parbet Casino has returned their regular monthly deposit bonus, worth about $51 in EV. So there is a nice little boost to the monthlies.

As always, all existing license holders can download the upgrade for free, here:

That’s it for now. Have fun at bwin and Parbet.


Shanky Technologies Team

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