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Blackjack Bot Bonuses up to $1436 We at Shanky Technologies are happy to announce the addition of two more casinos being supported by our Blackjack Bot program.

That brings the total count to 11 reputable online casinos, with total initial deposit bonuses of $1436, all of which can be cleared in 3 weeks time by running the bot at night while you are sleeping. The expected value of all these bonuses (after you multiply the house edge by the minimum wagering requirements for each casino) is up to $1289.

About half of these casinos continue to offer a steady monthly reload bonus as well, currently totaling over $500 with an expected value of around $400 every month using our bot program.

You can’t keep a good mad scientist down!

11/27/2006 9:50:03 PM
Blackjack Bot Features The blackjack bot records a notepad file as a log of every playing session. The user can set the number of hands to coordinate with the minimum wagering requirements of the casino. That way you don’t need to give them more play than necessary to clear the bonus. The number of hands remaining for the current session prints after each hand so you can check in periodically to see where you are.

However, it is recommended that you give the casino a little more action than what is required so you don’t fit the profile of a “bonus abuser.”

The program itself is a small window that resides in the corner of your screen. Our customers invariably report good results, as it’s almost mathematically impossible not to turn a nice profit with it.

12/2/2006 1:25:21 AM
Blackjack Bot version 2.1.2 Shanky Technologies is happy to announce the release of Blackjack Bot version 2.1.2

Two major fixes are inlcuded in this version:

1. All previous issues with the display driver / screen resolution problems that affected a minority of users with older computers at the Cryptologic casinos have been fixed. So now everybody with Windows 98 or newer can use the bot at all of our supported casinos, the count which is currently at 11.

2. Littlewoods casino changed software on us this month; the new bot version now works with the current platform. This is one of the best casinos on our list and we are happy to be able to continue to support it.

Right now, anybody who wants to turn a $149 investment into an expected $1289 in profit can accomplish the task in about three weeks time by running the bot at night while they are sleeping. (U.S. players expected profit will be $1103.)

12/4/2006 1:05:53 AM
Blackjack Bot December news December news for Blackjack Bot

Omni Casino and Sands of the Carribean have incorporated their monthly reward bonus structure to include first-time players. What this does is eliminate the previous separate first-time deposit bonus, and makes it a bit simpler to cash the $100 bonus money.

Wagering requirements are simply $8,000. No deposit is even required, and no bonus code. Just wager $8,000 at blackjack and they credit your account with $100. Withdraw any time before or after.

With our Blackjack Bot it will take a little less than 13 hours to clear the reward bonus at each of these casinos and your expected value is $60.80 at each of them. So that’s $121.60 between the two of them, cleared in 3 nights total of running the program while you sleep.

12/6/2006 3:29:26 PM
Blackjack Bot News It appears that Golden Palace Casino changed URLs on us.

They are now at:

If you already have them downloaded you probably don’t need to worry about it.

We are also now advising US players to choose a proxy server that probably hasn’t been used by many others yet, which may mean signing up with the slightly more expensive service at Find a server in a country allowed by the casinos (Such as the UK or Canada) and then find a real address in that city – alter it slightly and use that as your casino account address.

12/9/2006 2:46:27 AM
Bot Update [b]January 19[/b].

U.S. online gaming fans took another blow this week as Neteller suddenly cut them off, leaving them hanging with money in gaming accounts and no convenient way to withdraw it.

On to brighter news. We just put up two new bot versions.

The latest BJ bot version now supports the additional Intercasino site at This is a GBP only casino and is for UK residents (including Ireland). These players can now use the bot here to claim an initial deposit bonus of a 100% match to 50 GBP. Even better, this deal repeats every month! (This is in addition to the monthly bonus!)

The latest Omaha/8 bot now supports Full Tilt Poker. This is a U.S. friendly poker room if you can figure out how to fund it (they recommend click2pay or epasporte). We are talking about $600 in initial sign-up bonus plus semi-frequent reloads. Also, the Paradise Poker initial deposit bonus is up to $100. Best of all, the price on the bot license remains at $49 – for now.

1/19/2007 5:35:37 PM
Bonus Bots news A very happy super sunday to all you botters.

We are happy to announce that the Mad Scientist emerged from his labratory this week with Blackjack Bot version 2.3.0, which adds two new supported casinos to our list. These both have rather juicy bonuses and bring the stats on this product up to:

Casinos supported: 13

Total Initial Bonuses: $1882

Total Expected Value: $1485

Time to Clear: 3 1/2 weeks

Monthly Reload EV: $511

Those of you who already own a license can download the new version and cash the extra $310 in EV that we just added. As always, no additional charge because you get free upgrades for life. You can get BJ Bot 2.3.0 right now at:

We will be working on a hold’em bot over the coming weeks.


Shanky Technologies Team

2/4/2007 6:15:48 PM
New BJ Bot version New BJ Bot version 2.3.4 fixed bugs at 888 and betinternet

We recommend existing customers get the new version, delete the one you have, then click the link above


2/15/2007 2:30:19 PM
Omaha/8 Bot news Omaha/8 bot 2.0.2A is now an option for all Omaha/8 bot customers.
There is a new page on the site that you are taken to when you you click the Download Bot link on our home page which offers both versions.
This new version bets more aggressively in regards to bet sizing in the Cap games on Full Tilt. Our initial testing (over a very small sample size, less than 250 hours) has yielded positive results. We recommend using it in the Cap PL games.
All existing customers can get the new “A” version at no additional cost, your license will work with either version.
2/20/2007 3:19:15 PM
March refer-a-friend bonus Hey botters,
Here’s a way to get a quick extra $35 from your Shanky Technologies bonus bot this month. Refer a friend!
Every existing customer who refers a friend that purchases the BJ bot in March gets $35 right to their Paypal account. Just email us after your friend buys and tell us who they were, and we’ll make the deposit into your account that day. (You do not need to join the affiliate program).
Shanky Technologies Team
3/4/2007 6:51:27 PM
Blackjack Bot v. 2.4.0 Now Up This latest version of our Blackjack Bot brings the stats to:

Casinos Supported: 14

Total Bonuses: $1978

Total Expected Value on Initial Deposit Bonueses: $1596

Total Monthly Reload Bonuses: $692

Two minor bugs that were only reported by one person at two of our supported casinos were also fixed in this version. 

VIP Casino now has a $50 monthly reload.

BetFred Casino, a new addition with this version, only requires 15 x bonus to clear the 100 GBP initial and 50 GBP monthly reload.

Things are getting better and the Mad Scientist is still busy in the lab. Consequently, we are seriously considering a price increase to $189. This is fair warning to those on the fence.

3/13/2007 4:00:21 PM
Refer-a-Friend Bonus extended Greetings botters,
We are happy to announce that we are extending our March $35 refer-a-friend bonus on our Blackjack Bot through April. This offer is for all existing customers no matter which product you purchased.
Simply refer a friend and email us identifying them after they purchase, and we will make a direct $35 deposit into your Paypal account. No having to join the affiliate program, no waiting to get paid.
So there is an extra $35 for each friend you refer in addition to all those juicy reload bonuses!
Happy botting!
Shanky Technologies Team
4/2/2007 3:57:29 PM
Blackjack Bot Upgrade Version 2.5.0 has been posted

Playboy Gaming Casino now supported

As always, all existing customers get the upgrade free

Also, the stats have been corrected to reflect changes in wagering requirements at some of our supported casinos. The net effect of all this is a nice increase in expected profits!

$1396 is the first month Expected Profit now

$637 is the amount you are expected to profit every month thereafter!

If you don’t own a license yet, there is still time to purchase this product at our special price of only $149. But we wouldn’t dillydally too long on it!

4/14/2007 3:52:30 PM
Blackjack Bot now supports BeTheDealer, over $2,000 in monthly reloads! Blackjack Bot version 2.5.2 has been posted on our site.

We are very excited, because the latest version supports BeTheDealer, a very hot & trendy online casino that is in it’s hayday right now. This casino is making quite a stir by offering thousands of dollars in monthly deposit bonuses to it’s players, cashable by all games except Baccarat and Roulette.

The $150 signup bonus here is worth $103 in expected value from using the Blackjack Bot while you sleep. This brings our current total initial deposit EV to $1381 (which can be cleared in about 2 1/2 weeks).

But this is peanuts! By artfully working the BeTheDealer bonuses you could be clearing over $2,500 per month in bonuses! Don’t take our word for it, go check out the promotions at

We adjusted our “official” figures to an expected monthly EV of $1,000+ seeing as not everyone has the same bankroll or risk tolerance. But if you have a little capital to work with, there is no reason you can’t clear at least a couple thousand in expected profits every single month by using our Blackjack Bot at BeTheDealer Casino alone!

Those of you who own a license already can simply download the upgrade for free, as always. Be sure to read our updated instuctions and hit the slots here and there to avoid being pegged as a bonus abuser at this one! It will be well worth it to give them some loose action back.

Happy Botting!

Shanky Technologies Team

5/22/2007 6:52:07 PM
Blackjack Bot Version 2.6.0 Upgrade We are happy to announce that Blackjack Bot version 2.6.0 has been posted

New version includes VC Casino with a whopping $448 in initial EV + $133 monthly 
Bet Fred cancelled their Blackjack Bonus, and we corrected the Bethedealer EV figures, so the numbers are now:
Casinos supported: 13
Total Initial Deposit Bonuses: $2086
Total EV on Initial Deposit Bonuses: $1641
Time to Clear: 3.5 Weeks
Known Monthly Reloads EV: $878+ (a conservative figure that assumes hitting bethedealer for $85 in EV once per week) 
Other Improvements: The bot now adjusts better for perfect strategy at each individual casino (via Wizard of Odds correct strategies) based on individual game rules at each place such as whether or not the dealer hits soft 17, checks for blackjack, or if they allow doubling after a split.
This product absolutely rocks now. The above figures are correct and in fact are even conservative. Your expectation is to realize a profit of $1641 your first month and then make $878 every month thereafter.

Happy botting!

6/27/2007 3:42:08 PM
August 2 Blackjack Bot update Greetings fellow Bonus Hunters and botting enthusiasts.

Our purchase interface was down for two weeks, and we apologize for
that. We know many of you were wanting to purchase your license
during this time to take advantage of the July
reload bonuses, which were quite juicy indeed – worth over $100 per
week!(You need to be a betinternet customer, as these special deals
are only sent by email from this casino.)

We have two pieces of good news: First, the purchase interface is
back up on our site and we are standing by ready to process license
orders as quickly as they come in.

Second, we just added a new casino to the Blackjack Bot: Gambler’s
Palace. This brings our total casinos to 14 and total first-month
bonuses to over $2200! (Or nearly $1700 in Expected Value, which
can be cleared inside a month with the bot). The EV on monthly
reloads is now close to $800.

If you haven’t been by our forum lately, stop by and say hi. It’s
beginning to be quite the hang out for serious bonus hunters and
serious discussions on gambling theory.

As always, all existing customers get the upgrade for free. We are
working on some great new casinos in the near future, so there may
be a price increase soon – fair warning!

Happy botting,

Shanky Technologies Team

8/3/2007 10:19:03 PM
New Bonus Bot: Let ’em Ride Bot  Greetings fellow bonus hunters and bot enthusiasts.

While we are fine-tuning our 6-max Limit Hold’em Bot, we’ve
released a fun little program to tide you over.

Our new Let’em Ride Bot cashes a juicy $555 signup bonus.
Unfortunately it’s reduced to $166 in EV by the time the WR is met,
but that’s still a positive EV.

This game has a high variance so this product isn’t for everybody.
By the way, high variance isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you
understand the risk – you COULD make a huge score on this
one, while the odds are in your favor.

Anyone interested should see our main web page at:

Scroll to the bottom for info our newest product.

Happy bonus hunting,

Shanky Technologies Team

8/24/2007 5:52:37 PM
Big Bonus Bot News Blackjack Bot version 2.7.0 has been posted.

Two great new casinos have been added for a gigantic $744 increase in Expected Value!

Bett1128 for $544 in EV for $200 in EV

In addition, we have added a new adjustable speed feature to this bot, so now you can cash the bonuses even faster! The 3 new speeds are: Slow, Medium, and Fast, with the Slow setting being the same speed as all previous versions. So we’ve turbo-charged this puppy!

This brings the Total Initial EV on the Blacjjack Bot to a whopping $2435 with a monthly reload EV of $984! Please note that when we first started selling this product, for the same price that it is now, the total initial EV was around $1100 with a $400 monthly reload EV.

So at this point, $149 is just too darn cheap for this program (which is going to profit it’s user more than $2000 the first month alone). However, we are going to hold off on raising the price for a few days to give the fence-sitters one last chance at a ridiculous value.

Those of you who already own a license can just download the new version at no additional cost, as always, because this product comes with free upgrades for life.

Happy botting!

Shanky Technologies Team

9/5/2007 6:41:49 PM
Mulligan Poker Bot released We are happy to announce the release of our newest product, the Mulligan Poker Bot.

This bot is designed to clear the lucrative $555 deposit bonus at Golden Casino. The best game to play for this bonus is Mulligan Poker – a low variance game with a house edge of 2.17% when played correctly (as our bot does).

With the 20 x bonus wagering requirements you are expected to make a profit of $315 from playing this bonus. The price of the license is $39, leaving you $276 in expected total profit.

What’s the risk? Not much! We did a 10,000 player simulation on this bonus run and only 1% of the players actually lost money, and the maximum loss was under $300. A whopping 89% of all players made a profit of under $500 (with more than half of all players profiting between $200 to $400). The other 11% made more than $500! It’s a fairly safe bet you’ll be making a nice return on this one.

This bot also plays Let Them Ride at the same casino, a higher-variance game with a house edge of 2.84% which might be good for some cover play. You are welcome to download the bot and try it for 150 hands free of charge before requiring a license to continue.

For more info see this section of our website:

Happy bonus hunting!

9/24/2007 5:08:23 PM
Bonus Bots Update We have two upgrades to announce today:

Blackjack Bot version 2.8.0 which supports a new casino: Casino Club for an added EV of $123 USD


Mulligan Poker Bot version 1.2.0 which supports a new casino: English Harbor which brings the total EV on this bot to $438, cashable in less than a week!

Happy bonus hunting,

Shanky Technologies Team

10/4/2007 4:02:13 PM
World Gaming Blackjack Bot We are very happy to announce the release of our latest product, the

World Gaming Blackjack Bot

… a product that U.S. Citizens can enjoy along with the rest of the gaming world. We’re talking:

67 Casinos

Over $7,000 in Bonuses

Over $5,000 in Expected Value

License fee only $49 for a special limited time! Requires a bit of a bankroll because most of the bonuses are 20% max to $100 (or similar), but other than that this one is a no-brainer.

Shanky Technologies Team

10/16/2007 12:03:37 AM
New Casino Added for BJ Bot We are happy to release Blackjack Bot version 2.9.0 which now supports Betfair Casino.

This is a no-download casino that plays inside the Firefox browser only. 100% match bonus to $200 (converted from pounds as this casino only plays in pounds).

20 x bonus wagering requirements and a low house edge of only .26% bring the EV to a respectable $188 USD.

As always, existing license holders can download the new version for no additional cost and play out this bonus.

The total expected value for initial deposit bonuses is now $2142 with expected monthly reload bonus values of $953+ on this product.

Shanky Technologies Team

10/20/2007 1:23:10 PM
Player Edge Bot Released We are happy to announce the release of our first product aimed solely at player profits with no bonuses involved.

The Player Edge Blackjack Bot was built for the Single Deck Blackjack game offered at Casino Club. Perfect strategy will result in an actual player edge of .15%. (This can be verified at Wizard of Odds.)

It requires a bit of a bankroll, but you are expected to make an overall profit by playing this game using our newest bot – which reads the cards perfectly every time and plays flawlessly according to the Wizard of Odds strategy card. (We even verified this by doing a 100 Million hand simulation.)

To download your free trial go to:

Happy botting!

Shanky Technologies Team

10/25/2007 1:27:33 PM
New Casino Supported We are happy to announce the addition of a new casino to our flagship Blackjack Bot product.

The new casino is / Paradise Casino, a quality Boss Media casino which adds $133 to the expected value of all the current initial deposit bonuses supported by this bot.

So that’s 22 casinos this bot now works at, over $2600 in total deposit bonuses that it clears, with a total expected value of $2039.

As always, all existing license holders can get the upgrade for free.

If you haven’t tried this bot lately, we encourage you to download it and play 100 hands free.

Happy botting!

Shanky Technologies Team

11/20/2007 2:57:14 PM
Blackjack Bot Upgrade! We are happy to announce our latest Blackjack Bot upgrade: 2.11.0. A great new casino has been added, one which features a good number of unlimited monthly bonuses: BetRoyal Casino.

This month at BetRoyal a $500 deposit returns an expected value of $236. A $1000 deposit returns an expected value of $472. Best of all, you can hit these bonuses multiple times!

This brings the total monthly reloads for casinos that this product supports to $1,184 – that’s your expected profit each and every month now, and that’s asuming you only do a $500 bonus at BetRoyal one time!

As always, existing license holders get the latest upgrade for free, which you can download here:

Did you know that our flagship Blackjack Bot product now works at more than 23 casinos? You can see the list on this page:

Notice that the bot works at quite a few zero casinos – that is, casinos which at the current time are not offering bonuses which can be cleared by playing blackjack. We want to let you in on a little secret. A handful of these casinos do offer reload bonuses frequently – but only if you are on their mailing list! Many of our smarter customers have joined all these casinos and clear more than $1500 monthly, but are keeping quiet about it.

If you don’t own a license yet, your first month expected value is now up to $2087. We have hinted at raising the license fee in the past, but now with 23 casinos supported and the ability to clear $1500 in reloads every month, a $149 1-time price tag is a bit low, don’t you think? So expect to finally see that price increase very soon.

We’ll hold the price at $149 for a few more days to give those of you sitting on the fence one last chance at a ridiculous value. That $149 will make you more than $8,000 in profits by springtime. It’s probably the biggest no-brainer on the internet. So fair warning.

If you haven’t been to our casino bonus hunting forum lately, stop by and say hi. There are a lot of new members as well as our old pros who are still very active. You can pick up a lot of great tips there!

Happy bonus hunting,

Shanky Technologies Team

12/6/2007 12:59:38 PM
Caribbean Stud Bot Released Hey Bonus Hunters!

Our Mulligan Poker bot has been reincarnated as our Caribbean Stud bot. This product takes advantage of large, juicy bonuses offered at both Golden Casino and English Harbour casino. The total EV for the initial signup bonuses using this bot is now $347 and we have lowered the license fee to only $44.

These casinos are known for rolling out huge, lucrative weekend bonus deals from time to time. Prior customers have hit them for $700 to $1000 on these weekends. One of them even hit the Royal Flush and called this bot “the best investment he ever made” in our forum.

All existing license holders get this upgrade for free, as always. If you don’t own it yet, here is $300+ in expected profit (after the bot cost) that you can clear in just a few days, knocking at your door. To say nothing of any more sweet weekend bonus deals these places are likely to offer in the near future.

Happy bonus hunting,

Shanky Technologies Team

12/10/2007 4:06:48 PM
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