Poker Bot Private Support Work (bots for your site)

To answer a common inquiry, we do take on private support work for poker site owners on occasion. What we do is make our existing product work at your site. It is not an internal back-end kind of thing. So you will need multiple PC’s and/or VMs in order to run the bots. Each bot instance plays one PC/VM up to 6 tables. Our private support jobs include an unlimited number of licenses.

Contract Details

The first thing we need is access to an account with funds in it to simply determine whether or not the support work can even be done. Keep in mind our software is Windows-only and we have not yet done any work using mobile OS emulators. We prefer a downloadable poker client for Windows as opposed to something web/flash based.

If we decide to take the job, the price is $18,000 USD payable in three installments of $6,000. The first installment is to be paid before we do any actual programming work.

We will produce a working product before the second installment is due, and issue a handful of licenses for testing. After we identify the bugs and refinements still needed, the second installment is to be paid. We will dole out more licenses as needed during this phase as multiple new versions are tested.

The third installment is payable after all the bugs are fixed and the product is working satisfactory. Please note that subsequent software updates which affect the bot constitute additional work which is not part of the initial support job contract – but those can usually be completed quickly, and we won’t charge much for maintaining support as long as the needed fixes remain minor.

The typical job is completed in 2-3 months time. If you are still interested in a private support job please contact us.

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