Opponent Name Recognition and Paddy Power Support Added

Holdem Bot version 6.6.2 has been posted.

Paddy Power Poker support added (iPoker).

• This version recognizes opponent names at iPoker who still have cards, and accepts a new PPL numeric-valued variable opponent = …the value of this variable can be any combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers including ‘-‘ and ‘_’. It is true if the opponent name is in the current hand and still has cards. This feature only works at iPoker so far.

• Fix for occasional incorrect opponent count at speed poker games where the previous versions were reading players = 7 at the beginning of the hand.

• Fix for the occasional incorrect preflop position being read at 888 Poker where the bot would think we were in the small blind when we were actually on the button.

Please note neither the User Manual nor the PPL Guide has been updated yet to reflect Paddy Power support or the new capability of using opponent player names (which means being able to use opponent stats regardless of which stat software you use), but both should be up within 24-48 hours and will have October 2012 revision dates when posted. Look for new developing threads in the forum about this in the coming days as well.

Get the new version of the bot here:


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