Full Tilt Fixed Again

This is just a quick note to let you know that we just posted Holdem Poker Bot version 2.0.3 which fixes Full Tilt again.

In case you were not aware, yesterday Full Tilt did a software upgrade which temporarily broke the pokerbot’s ability to multi-table. This was the second such Full Tilt upgrade within three days and it’s probably due to their new Matrix Tournaments which they are still weeding the bugs out of (no, the bot cannot play those yet).

We posted the first fix within 24 hours and now we just posted the second fix within 24 hours again. So rest assured that we are on it. You can download version 2.0.3 which fully supports multi-tabling at Full Tilt again right now, here:


If they upgrade again we will fix it again, quickly again. But please be aware that in between fixes you can still single-table at Full Tilt.


Shanky Technologies


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