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Omaha Poker Bots Features and Site Support

Latest: PLO4 Bot 12.1.5 •  PLO5 Bot 12.1.5  •  Hi-Lo Bot 12.1.5

Posted: April 19, 2024

Description: Advanced auto-play Omaha PLO4, Omaha PLO5, & PLO4 Hi-Lo bots that play professional-level poker at popular online poker sites and platforms. All three bots come pre-loaded with cash game and tournament profiles. Player profiles control the playing instructions and are 100% user-customizable. The bots play most game structures and follow table changes automatically in MTT's. Our software is easy to use, just sit at a table and press start on the bot.

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PLO5 Bot: This is our latest creation for exploiting a boom market.

Pot-Limit Omaha is growing in popularity, in all forms. This presents an outstanding opportunity for good poker bots which can be customized by the user. Our software is the only such product we know of. Take it from us, as we use our own product: It's like the good old days of online poker all over again, with fish happily throwing money away in a game they see as a fun gamble. Get in on this gold rush while it is young! And don't forget Omaha Hi-Lo MTTs, the biggest overlay in all of poker for good players.

Download the free demos today and get 200 free hands from each bot.

Current Poker Room Support as of: June 2024

iPoker Note: Our bots now work at all iPoker sites in all countries, not just the ones below!

Ignition CasinoBodog
Bodog & Bodog88Bodog
PPpokerPrivate Clubs App
Suprema PokerPrivate Clubs App
W HilliPoker
Paddy PoweriPoker
Red StariPoker
Titan & TitanbetiPoker
Parions Sport PokeriPoker
Holland Casino PokeriPoker
second place winner

Unassisted 2nd Place in the $25K GTD for $910

bot win

KGB Profile takes down the $2400 1st Place prize

poker tournament

$640 2nd Place won by the bot in the $10K GTD

wild bill winning

Wild Bill profile up over 9x its buy-in at a cash table

freeroll win

Another freeroll cash for our bot

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