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Purchase Renewal

Holdem Bot Renewal $79

Step 1: Get your Computer ID from the bot and keep it handy, as we will need it in order to process your Renewal order.  This is a number which can be obtained on the main bot menu by going to Holdem > Get Computer ID and will then record in the session log as well. (It's best to copy it from the log and paste it to avoid typos in the ID.)

Step 2: You must provide proof of purchase to renew at the discounted price. Get your original purchase details and be prepared to email them to us after your order completes. The original transaction number, method of payment used, and/or the date will suffice - or you can simply reply to the original license delivery email we sent you.

Step 3: When ready, click the Buy Now button below:

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Renewal Details

Important - please read! You are allowed to renew 1 license for each computer that you want to continue to use the bot on.

Your renewal license is valid for one additional year from the date of renewal, and comes with support and free upgrades for one additional year as well. After another full year you will be required to again purchase a license extension in order to continue on using the software (most likely we will still be offering some kind of discounted deal on license extensions at that time).

We need 2 pieces of information from you in order to complete your transaction. You will be taken to a short form to complete by clicking return to merchant after your purchase goes through. If you do not get taken to that form you will need to email us directly with this information. The information that we need is:

1. Proof of original purchase. This is critical and exceptions will not be made. The easiest way to do this is to simply reply to the original license delivery email we sent you. We are, however, usually able to trace your purchase if you simply email us from the same email account used when you purchased your original license.

2. Your Computer ID number. This can be found in two places: On the bot menu option, by clicking Holdem and then Get Computer ID; or at the top of the last session log that the bot automatically generates for each playing session. It is probably best to copy your Computer ID from the session log and paste it into the email that you will be sending us, in order to avoid typos.

If for some reason you are not taken to the form after your purchase completes, email us from our contact page with your new transaction number, computer ID, and proof of original purchase.

Delivery time: License files are generated manually, so they are not an instant response. We will email your renewal license within 24 hours if you followed these instructions (and usually much faster).

Please note that all licenses will be delivered during USA daylight hours.

Thank you for your order.



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